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What You’ll Find at Marine Supply Stores

Shopping for your boat in a marine supply store can save you time and money. You’ll find a wide range of boat supplies under one roof at affordable prices. Here are some of the products you can find in marine supply stores: 

Safety Equipment 

Marine safety equipment can save the lives of people on board your boat in case of an emergency. Confirm you have the necessary safety tools that are functional and easily accessible before you begin sailing. Here are some safety supplies you can find in a marine supply store:

  • Fire extinguishers
  • Safety kits with gear like throw ropes to pull people who’ve gone overboard, flares, and distress flags to signal passing boats if you’re in trouble 
  • Skier-down flags to signal that there are people in the water
  • Jump box to start your battery if it dies
  • Life jackets and throwable flotation devices to help people stay afloat in case of emergencies

Research the safety items you need before visiting a supply store to avoid leaving anything behind. You can ask your store’s sales representatives to recommend key safety gear if you are new to boating. 

Boat Hardware 

While your boat comes equipped with all the hardware it needs to operate, it may experience some wear and tear after prolonged use. You’ll need to replace torn parts to prevent their failure when boating and to guarantee your safety. Marine supply stores stock up on hardware parts like:

  • Chocks to support lifeboats 
  • Engine mounts to prevent engine damage and improve comfort by isolating vibrations 
  • Anchor rollers to secure and guide your anchor 
  • Grab handles and rails to hold on to when sailing unsteady waters
  • Steering wheels to control the course

Consider your boat type and size when shopping for hardware parts since there’s no one-size-fits-all. If you are unsure about what to get, consult an expert for guidance to avoid investing in the wrong parts. 

Navigation Equipment 

Marine navigation equipment helps boaters to pinpoint locations and attain directions when sailing. This enhances efficiency and safety, reducing the risk of accidents. Here are some navigation tools you can find in a supply store:

  • A compass to guide you
  • Autopilot system to control your boat’s steering mechanism and keep you on course
  • Global positioning system (GPS) to determine your boat’s course, speed, and distance between two points 
  • Radar to show your boat’s surroundings
  • Automatic identification system (AIS) to identify surrounding boats, their courses, dimensions, and positions

Invest in quality navigation tools to get accurate navigation information. This can increase safety and security on your boat.

Travel Gear 

You’ll need travel gear to store your items if you plan on being on the water for an extended period of time. A marine supply store will have dry bags to keep your items safe should water enter your boat when sailing. Dry bags are effective as they are made of waterproof material and have an airtight locking mechanism. They can keep your phones, books, and other sensitive materials safe when sailing, kayaking, rafting, or canoeing. 

Consider the shoulder straps and padding when doing your shopping. Adjustable padded straps can be ideal if you expect to carry your bag over long distances, as they can minimize the pressure on your shoulders. 

Marine Supply Stores Have Everything You Need

You can get most boating supplies under one roof from marine supply stores. These stores offer safety gear to keep you safe in emergencies, marine hardware to facilitate boat part replacements, and navigation gear to help with directions. You can also find dry bags to keep your items safe from water. When doing your boating shopping, pay attention to the product quality to enjoy a smooth boating experience.



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