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Interstate Inquiry: What To Consider Before Moving States

Are you considering a move to a different state? If so, you should consider a few things before making your decision. So, whether you’re thinking about packing up and heading to the Sunshine State or staying put in the snow-covered Northeast, read on for some tips and considerations that can help you determine if a move is right for you.


Some states and areas might be more walkable or bikeable than others, and you’ll want to consider your options for commuting and getting around town. Some places might be close to public transportation or have more car-friendly driving conditions, especially if you’re trying to get around with a large family or in bad weather.

If you decide to move with your car, you should consider hiring a reputable company like Guardian Auto Transport to transport your vehicle, so you don’t have to drive it across state lines yourself.

Housing and cost of living

Different cities might have higher or lower housing costs, so you’ll want to research several areas’ real estate markets and rental prices. You can also look at property taxes and home loans that could impact your budget to be more prepared for the move financially.

Climate and weather

Depending on where you live, moving to a different state could involve moving from one climate zone to another. If you’re not a fan of the cold weather, you might consider relocating to a warmer state. However, if you’d prefer to live in a state with milder winters, you might have to prepare for colder temperatures during the winter months.

Activities and recreation

Different states and cities might have various activities, events, recreational areas, parks, and other things to do. If you’re the type of person who loves to be outside and active, you’ll want to research what’s nearby so that you can enjoy the outdoor activities your new state has for you.


However, if you’re more of a homebody, you can find plenty of great things to do without leaving the house.

Family considerations

If you have family members who live in a different state, moving could mean moving closer to them. If relocating would be difficult for your immediate family, it might be better to stay where you are or to consider moving within your own state. It’s important to consider how an interstate move will affect your family.

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Jobs and careers

If you have a job or career that you enjoy, moving to a different state might mean leaving your current position behind. Therefore, you’ll want to research the employment and industry landscape of your potential new state to be sure there are opportunities for you to pursue the work you love.

Wrap up

Deciding to move to a different state can be a big one, so it’s essential to take some time and do your research before making the move. If you’re thinking about relocating, consider the tips and considerations above to help you determine if a move is right for you.



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