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5 Astonishing Features of Porsche Panamera

An electric heart and black wheels hugging the road as it booms through the fleet of cars have your mind transfixed on it. Whether you see used luxury cars on the road or brand-new ones in the dealership store, the sensation remains the same.

Among these luxury cars, the one that stole your heart almost 11 years ago and still has you captivated is Porsche Panamera. Sporty for an outing on the racing tracks or comfortable long road trips, Panamera has you covered. When it came out, Dubai drivers were expecting smooth performance and tons of amenities. To everyone’s amazement, it was delivered! This marvel is available in various car rental shops where can rent Porsche in Dubai.

Here, some astonishing features of the Porsche Panamera have been discussed for supercar lovers:

Molten Dreams Locked Inside the Interior

The inventive sports car comforts of Panamera are centered on the driver and performance. Panamera models emphasize on the well-being of the passengers. Let’s have a look!

The ascending center console enables the hand to move swiftly between the steering wheel and gear selector. In conjunction to the newly styled center console, Porsche Advanced Cockpit is furnished in a glass look. It displays the touch sensitive new controls in logical groups.

In the Executive models, you will enjoy an abundance of legroom and power seats with contoured headrests. Optional features include a large center console in the rear compartment and folding tables. The former provides extra space for the smartphone compartment and USB interfaces with a 12 V and 230 V socket. While the latter are hidden in the large center console and folded out manually in airplane style.

Who Can Say No to Panoramic Sunroof?

Panoramic sunroof in the Panamera models, produced from tinted glass panels, creates a pleasant environment inside the car that keeps your mood elevated with joy and harmony!  This two-piece sunroof can either be tilted or opened electrically at the front.

A Cinematic Experience in the Rear Compartment

While the driver enjoys the technicality of the cockpit and a splendid driving experience, the rear seat passengers earn themselves a cinematic experience. The designers invented the novel Porsche Rear Seat entertainment features in accordance with the discerning taste of Porsche’s target market.

During the trip, it offers an integrated and networked infotainment system. What is more intriguing is that these inputs are removable and can be used outside the vehicle.

It connects with Porsche Communication Management via Wi-Fi, providing access to radio, media, navigation system and other functions. It comes with a 10-inch touchscreen display on each headrest with an internal memory of 32 GB, micro SD card slot, Bluetooth, micro USB interface and NFC. You can also access movies, e-books, games, music and other productivity applications from Google Play Store.

Four-zone Automatic Climate Control at Your Fingertips

Porsche invites you to your private climate zone. Individual temperature settings for the driver and front passenger, as well as separate controls for each seat in the back, are available through four-zone automatic climate control. An active carbon filter catches particles, pollen, and odors while also filtering fine dust from the outside air before it enters the vehicle.

For increased air current quality, Porsche manufacturers have developed a new ionization function as an alternative. The air in the automatic temperature control system passes through an ionizer before reaching the cabin. For a more comfortable cabin atmosphere, the inputs eliminate airborne viruses, bacteria, and spores, and refreshes the interior air.

Analogue Meets Digital

The new Panamera instrument cluster is redolent of Porsche motorsport history while being as advanced as only Porsche can be.

The analogue rev counter, with its needle intrinsic to its genuinely traditional form, is in the middle and in clear view of the driver. Two high-resolution displays on the left and right give you a range of information as needed, such as the navigation map or Night Vision Assist.

The speedometer accommodates the left side of the rev counter. You can choose to show the speed limit indicator, traffic sign recognition, or the outdoor temperature in the display area.

The options on the right-hand side are considerably more diverse. The interior display area shows information from the on-board computer, the fuel gauge, and the remaining range.

Make A Cost-Effective Decision!

You are thinking of the cost involved in buying a brand-new Porsche but how about renting it first? Buying a used Porsche will erase the additional cost of features available on request as well as lower depreciation costs and many more. So why wait when you have a cost-effective solution? But before that, you can consider renting it first so that you will have an idea about the experience it offers. For the best Porsche renting experience, choose One Click Drive. It is one of the top-rated car rental places in Dubai.



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