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Interesting Unknown Facts About Mercedes-Benz

Mercedes Benz is one of the top luxury brands in the automobile market. It is founded in 1886 by Karl Benz. The car brand offers the utmost luxury and class to its consumers. The brand has developed several models such as sports cars, Sedans, SUVs, and other luxury models and all of them have created a great impact on the automobile industry. In this guest post, let us explore some secrets that you didn’t know about Mercedes Benz.

Strict Inspections:

The company maintains a great secret behind the manufacture of Mercedes-Benz cars. The company hired inspectors to specially get the details of every car that they manufacture. The company follows the concept of one inspector under every 11 production workers. This is common for all factories across the world. 

The main work of the inspector is to look after 11 workers closely and how they manufacture the cars. Also, the inspector should ensure that there are no defects or issues with the cars before they go for sale. This clearly shows that the car has undergone thousands of inspections before it comes for sale. Mercedes Benz is popular for its luxury and reliability. So, you shouldn’t miss buying even used Mercedes Cars for sale, if you get a chance.

Welding Instead of Bolts:

Another interesting fact that you may not know about Mercedes-Benz cars is the use of welding instead of bolts while manufacturing. When you consider any car, it will be welded in different 10,000 places before it will reach the production end.

The brand mainly avoids bolts due to other models facing repairs with the use of bolts. After checking the reviews of other car models, the brand decides to use welding instead of bolts. This will avoid repairs or getting loose of any parts in vehicles. Furthermore, welding helps vehicles prevent aging signs such as

  • Rattling
  • Squeaking
  • Groaning

But the above signs are possible with the use of bolts in cars. So, even after many years of usage, Mercedes-Benz never lacks its functions. If you find any used Mercedes cars for sale, you can buy them without any doubt.

Use Of Hand Grinding Technique:

Soon after the welding of a Mercedes-Benz car with over 10,000 different parts on the body, the next procedure starts over. It is the extensive hand-grinding procedure that every car undergoes. Due to welding, there will be seams on and inside of the car and thus, manufacturers use hand grinding to eliminate seams. After this step, the workers use pewter to give the finishing touch.

Soon after they use pewter for packing the ground areas, and once again the grinding process is repeated. This is not to distinguish the vehicle in any way possible. This hand grinding is not so easy and it requires a high level of manpower to work closely. With this great work, if you get any used Mercedes-Benz cars for sale, never miss buying them.

Mercedes-Benz Three-Point Logo:

People usually recognize the brand using the three-point logo and it is popular all around the world. But anyone has an idea about what the three-point logo stands for? Of course, most of them are not aware of the fact that the three-point logo means land, air, and water. 

But initially, the brand registered for the four-point logo where the fourth point means space. Even the brand developed a spaceship that didn’t work and fly at all. Thus, they left the fourth point and finally got the three-point symbol. 

Furthermore, the four-point logo also appeared in the comedy movie, ‘Spaceballs.’ It was mounted on the spaceship’s hood and Princess Leah used that spaceship in that movie. Actually, that spaceship was an SEL limited edition from Mercedes-Benz.

Mercedes-Benz Cars For Pope:

The brand designed several models of Mercedes-Benz, especially for the Holy See and the Pope. Such vehicles are used and owned by the Pope and the Holy See. The first pope mobile car model was a Nurburg 460 and Pope Pius XI used it in 1930. Then, the brand manufactured Mercedes-Benz 230G for the Pope in 1980. This vehicle is easily recognized even in the crowd with its transparent carriage design.

Recently, Pope used Mercedes-Benz ML 430 which has got special bodywork. On Worth Youth Day, the brand designed this model for Pope John Paul II. This car features a V8 engine and thus it delivers an output of 272 horsepower.


You may not be aware of the facts that are behind the manufacture of the Mercedes-Benz car. But this guest post lets you get such unknown facts about the luxury brand.



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