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5 Ways to Skip Expensive Plumbing Expenses

Homeowners need to prioritize certain tasks to preserve their household’s good condition and that includes maintaining the plumbing system. In fact, according to experts in the industry, proper plumbing maintenance should be one of the main things every homeowner must accomplish and pay attention to.

Your plumbing system has a huge impact on the overall flow of activities inside your property. Whether it is washing your clothes or dishes, cleaning your home, irrigating your garden, using the toilet, taking a bath, cooking, or drinking water, all these things are affected by your plumbing. If you have problems with your pipeline, such as burst pipes, or some major clogs in your drainage system, all other fixtures in your home will also suffer and experience malfunctions.

Dealing with plumbing issues like leaks and clogs is not just troublesome. It can turn into an  unhygienic encounter and if the problem has gone overblown, it can put a huge dent in your budget especially if a major repair or replacement is already required.

Smart Ways to Dodge Expensive Plumbing Bills

As homeowners, we must know the ways to handle our finances well. Among other important things, we all should be particularly careful with how we use water and energy sources in the household. To save money on utility bills, we must do the following:

  1. Turn off faucets all the way.

Constant dripping from your faucets is one of the causes of wasting water and is a sign that your faucets may need a repair or a replacement. If you keep wasting water at home, then expect an upsurge in your water bills. No matter how slow the dripping is, you must not ignore a dripping faucet and make it a habit to turn off your taps properly, like all the way, at all times after use. Otherwise, you are just spewing money down the drain.

  1. Use toilets and shower heads with a low-flow feature.

One practical way to do away with expensive plumbing bills is to use low-flow toilets and shower heads. This will definitely help you reduce your household’s daily water consumption. You can actually save 15-20 percent of water usage per flush if you use the low-flow toilet models. For your shower, you may also limit shower-time duration and get your household members to cooperate and follow the rule.

  1. Fix leaks.

Leaks are very common occurrences. There are several ways to detect leaks but sometimes, the leaks are hidden in areas like behind walls or underground making them difficult to locate. You can find hidden leaks by turning off your faucets and other fixtures and observe if your water meter is still running. If so, then you have hidden leaks. Plumbing professionals are the people to call if you need assistance fixing leaks, especially the hidden ones.

  1. Check your toilet.

Your toilet is also a vital part of your plumbing that needs constant care and maintenance. Have your toilet regularly checked for possible leaks or if it makes gurgling sounds. If your toilet produces gurgling sounds, your main drainage system could be having some issues. If you want to verify a leak in your toilet, drop some food coloring into the toilet tank and wait for several minutes. You will know your toilet is leaking if later on the food coloring somehow manages its way into your toilet bowl.

  1. Clean your drains.

The reason we damage our drains is we tend to throw anything down the drain and treat it like a trash can. Stuffs like cooking grease, food left-overs, fish scales, vegetable peelings, plastic wrappers, and hair can clog your drains and lead to buildups that would also damage your pipes. If you want to avoid expensive pipe repairs, remove the clogs using baking soda and vinegar. You can do this trick like once a month. Also,  install strainers over the drains of your shower, bathtub, and sink to trap whatever debris or residue there is.

It is easy to save money on our plumbing expenses. With self-discipline, patience, and awareness, we can surely keep our plumbing system in shape. A simple initiative on our part is all it takes to protect our household fixtures from damages as well as avoid unnecessary expenses.



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