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Why Upgrade to Audio Rimless eyeglasses

Frameless eyeglasses haven’t lost their popularity till today. They are still in style and trendy globally due to their lightweight, aesthetic look and audio feature. Rimless eyeglasses imply low-profile framed glasses made up of titanium, making them perfect for every occasion. Surprisingly, the history of frameless eyeglasses traces back to the 1820s and is still globally popular in the 20th century. Then, what’s stopping you from upgrading your eyeglasses? 

Let’s discuss why upgrading to audio rimless glasses can be your perfect choice.

1. Audio features:

What could be better than eyeglasses that let you listen to your favorite music? Audio rimless glasses are equipped with speakers, allowing you to listen to your favorite music while remaining alert to your surroundings. The open-ear sound experience delivers sound to the area surrounding the ear and thus does not need earphones separately.

2. Calling features: 

In an emergency, you can answer the phone with your glasses. A simple tap on the audio temple on the frame helps to answer the calls. It has dual microphones that eliminate background noise and transmit your voice clearly to the other end. It has an automatic privacy mode that prevents people around you from listening in on the call.

3. Offer a classy minimalist look

Full-rim glasses cover your face, which is their main default. People look for stylish frames to flaunt their style. Yet, Audio frameless eyeglasses reduce this hassle by offering a minimalist but classy look without additional beauty.

4. Suit all face shapes

The frameless eyeglasses suit every face shape, round or diamond. So, you don’t have to worry about choosing the glasses that perfectly sit on your face. The frameless eyeglasses enable you to flaunt your style irrespective of the face shape without much struggle.

5. Rimless got various styles 

Being frameless doesn’t mean it will always employ the same boring style. We can now choose audio frameless eyeglasses from the various styles that suit us. 


The audio frameless eyeglasses are composed of titanium and don’t hold the frame. Titanium is a lightweight material. So, it doesn’t add much to the eyeglasses’ weight. The lens’s material is also thin polycarbonate, reducing the tension of wearing heavyweight glasses that feel like a burden on your face. It won’t end up causing any marks on your nose or ears because of their soft pads. 

7.No visual obstructions 

The audio frameless eyeglasses don’t have a rim, so there won’t be anything to shadow your vision. It usually feels like there’s nothing on your face while efficiently solving your medical problems. It also reduces the hassle of adjusting the glasses frequently, as it doesn’t cause any barrier. 

8.IPX4 protection

Audio frameless eyeglasses have become advanced with the paradigm shift. They come with IPX4 resistance to protect the eyeglasses from water or dust, providing uninterrupted sound and vision. 

The audio frameless eyeglasses also have some prominent cons that you should know before buying one.


These eyeglasses don’t incorporate a frame, so they are easily breakable. Therefore, the frameless eyeglasses call for additional care to avoid breaking.

2. Tough Repairing 

You can’t repair the frameless eyeglasses by yourself. It is prone to damage even if you tighten the screws, causing a strong linkage between the hinge and the lens. 


Despite the cons, we can confidently say that audio frameless eyeglasses have become a stylistic staple. It gives a classic look, bold style and technology element side by side that matches the vibes of people of all ages. You can upgrade your eyeglasses whenever you want. It adds aesthetics to your pre-scripted eyeglasses, providing a one-time solution for medical and fashion needs. 

You can treat yourself with the Soundcode frameless eyeglasses in style. We hope that this article is helpful to you and will aid you if you want to upgrade to rimless glasses. 



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