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How Owners Can Tell If A City Is Pet Friendly

Pets are more than animals; they are companions and even part of the family. So when it’s time to travel, they must also come along. You won’t have many problems if you plan something outdoor, like camping or visiting a lodge. But if you are planning something in urban areas, you will have to put more thought into it. Not every place is pet-friendly, and you will need to consider that.

Over a third of families have a pet, yet it’s hard to find housing that can accommodate them, especially for renters. About 72 percent of renters own pets but struggle to find accommodation despite 78 percent of apartment buildings accepting pets. The discrepancy comes from “pet-friendly accommodation having weight limits and breed restrictions.

If you want to take your pet with you on your travels, you must ensure they can enjoy the experiences with you. You will need to consider pet-friendly accommodations, areas, and activities.

Dog Parks

Most people don’t mind walking on the pavement all day, and animals don’t either, but they have an affinity for nature. So when you come across a stretch of greenery, your dog would love to get their feet underneath it and sniff around. If you can find a park for them, they will be happier. Keep in mind that some parks don’t allow dogs, so going to such places may not be a happy experience for your dog. Visit cities that allow pets to enjoy the parks.

A dog park is an area where your dog gets to roam and run without a leash. You will be there to supervise it in a controlled environment. There is a steady increase in the number of dog parks available in cities. America has 810 dog parks in 100 cities. You can choose one that has them and has plans to build more. Boise, Portland, and Henderson cities have more than five dog parks available, so that you can make the most of them.

Business Outdoor Areas

If you bring your pet along, you want to go everywhere with them. That includes the tourist experiences you will enjoy. Check to see if the businesses in the area are pet-friendly. Cities like Annapolis, Maryland, and Saratoga Springs, New York, have campaigns that brand pet-friendly small businesses, so you know where to go.

One of the main attractions of traveling is eating out. Nobody wants to be indoors ordering takeout. Pet-friendly restaurants will make themselves known so that you can visit them. Be aware of cities that prohibit animals from sitting on their sidewalk, patio, or deck areas.

Available Housing

The amount of pet-friendly housing available in a city indicates how much they welcome pets. But you want the area to do more than offer accommodation. You want it to offer the comforts listed in the other points.

You also want to live in an area that offers protection to your pet if anything goes wrong. You can use indicators like:

  • The number of no-kill shelters in the area. No-kill shelters don’t kill pets placed in their care. Most pets in their care will find a home 90 percent of the time; the rest will be put under euthanasia, usually for health reasons.
  • The strength of animal protection laws includes issues like animal cruelty and tethering laws. The Animal Legal Defense Fund (ALDF)provides a ranking system that you can use.
  • The number of veterinarians available in the area. The number has to be compared with the number of residents; that way, you can garner how many vets are available per group of pet owners. You wouldn’t want to wait for service on your holiday trip.


Pets don’t usually enjoy cramped spaces; they prefer open and wide spaces. So try to go to areas that have walking trails or attractions within walking distance of each other. Your pet will undoubtedly enjoy the extra walks than using public transit or vehicles.

As you walk around looking for fun things to do in Oakland, your furry friend may need to take a dump. Responsible pet owners are always happy to clean up after their pets, and they find the bag/trash can combo available in such cities handy. They can easily clean up after the pet and move on with their day.

Take Your Pet With You

If your pet is important to you, you may enjoy your travels if you take it along with you; before settling on a location, research to ensure that it provides a safe and healthy environment. Take into consideration the activities your pet will enjoy.



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