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Top Online Casino Games UK

For many people, casino is synonymous with slots. Nothing can beat the iconic image of a Vegas-style casino with aisles and entire wings filled with slot machines. Although slots such as Secrets of Atlantis Slot might be the most popular casino game, there is a number of other games that are not that far behind. Players like to have a range of casino games, and casinos deliver. The 2 of the most popular games are slots and roulette. All about these games in a short and concise style is revealed in this article.

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We begin with the big dog in the world of casino. Slots are easy to play – you will see a few reels which are activated by pressing “spin”. Once you have spun the reels, wait for them to come to a halt and see if any winning combinations land. Winning combinations are normally made up of matching symbols in a line. This line can be straight, diagonal, curving or zigzagging. The types of winning lines vary from game to game and are called the “paylines”. Your goal is to land matching symbols in these paylines, as well as land bonus symbols such as scatters which can unlock a bonus round in the game.

  • Slots are completely dependent on luck and are completely random thanks to the use of RNG (random-number-generator, bases the outcomes of spins on random numbers).
  • This is a good game for fast wagering, fast payouts and large wins.
  • Slots are volatile games, where you could hit a long losing streak, but could also hit the jackpot and other massive prizes. Slots are unpredictable.
  • Popular slots include Mega Moolah (Progressive jackpot by Microgaming); Gonzo’s Quest (cascading reels + multipliers, created by NetEnt); Bonanza (Megaways system with 117649 possible paylines, released by Big Time Gaming) and many more.


A very popular game that has been around for hundreds of years in one form or another. In roulette, you have 2 game components that work together: the game/betting table and the wheel.

The wheel is divided into even-spaced slots that correspond to the numbers in the game. These numbers are also coloured either red or black (with the exception of a 0 which doesn’t have a colour at play). The wheel is spun in one direction with a ball being spun the opposite direction. The ball slows down and eventually lands on one of the numbers on the wheel. This slot/number is the winner.

The table is used for betting and is made up of spaces corresponding to different bets in the game. The player can bet on individual numbers; whole sections of the wheel; the colours red or black; on whether the winning number will be even or odd.

  • A well-balanced game with a range of different bets.
  • Win returns range from 2x to 35x times your bet.
  • Can be played online with a live dealer or in a computerised version using the RNG.

Other games

The list doesn’t end here. It goes on with popular games like Blackjack and Baccarat. Both of these games are card-based.

  • In Blackjack, the players are dealt 2 initial cards (with the possibility to draw additional cards later on) and are aiming to have a score as close to 21 without exceeding it. The face cards are valued at 10, the Ace is valued at 1 or 11 (the best fitting number to achieve 21 is assumed) and all the other cards are at their face value.
  • Baccarat is similar to Blackjack except the score to aim for is 9. In the case of your score being a 2-digit number, the left digit is dropped (for example, a score of 15 becomes a 5).

We hope that by now you know a little bit more about the popular online casino games in the UK. We wish you many big wins and as always, play responsibly!



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