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Why Choose an Online Florist for Sending Flowers?

When was the last time you shopped for some garden fresh flowers offline? We bet, it has been quite some time now. Ever since online florists have come into the picture, people are loving the experience of shopping online. Why so? Because there are a lot of USPs to look forward to if you happen to pick a reputed florist. Here are a few reasons why you should choose an online florist for sending flowers rather than your local florist.

  • Wide Variety of Flowers – We are pretty sure there might have been many incidents wherein you went down to some local flower shop looking for red carnations or some other specific flower having in mind. But came home compromising and bringing some other kind of flowers. These things won’t end up happening as and when you shop from some recognised online florist. You can shop for a different beautiful collection of flowers, as per your choice and budget in just a few clicks and taps.
  • Shop from the convenience of your home – Things really got annoying when we had to shop for flowers offline, roaming from one shop to another to find the best quote. But not anymore! Now you can sit idle at your home and compare various online florist websites, check their prices and collection. And then only make your buying decision. All thanks to technological advancements, we can finally say bye to our old exhausting way of shopping for flowers.
  • Avail Doorstep Delivery – Most of the online florists offer doorstep online flowers delivery by Floweraura of flowers free of cost or by charging something little across various Indian cities, states and regions. We can finally forget the pain to carry around heavy flower bouquets after shopping for them offline. You can just pick your favourite flower product over these florists’ websites and get them delivered to your loved one’s doorstep. You can easily pick any convenient delivery date and time to surprise someone dear with flowers.
  • Exciting Offers And Discounts – As it is a competitive market for an online florist out there and everyone is trying to prove themselves, from time to time these online florists offer exciting offers and discounts. You can avail of first time users, festive users and other such discounts while shopping online. While your offline florists won’t agree to even offer you a discount of one rupee, these online florists would go any far to meet your expectations.
  • 24 Hour Service – With the help of these online florists you can choose to get some flowers delivered to your loved one’s doorstep at the time of the day. You can avail of same day delivery, midnight delivery, express delivery, early morning delivery and on time fixed delivery over some exotic flowers even. You can simply visit the website, place your order online by picking a convenient delivery date and time slot for you. Unlike at some offline florist shop wherein you can have to wait for the doors to first open, then get your shopping done at a stipulated period of time and get the flowers delivered at a predetermined period of time when the delivery guy is around that too within a few kms. Or won’t allow delivery services at all. Even during festival time, these florists are open and are happy to serve you in the most heartwarming manner.
  • Versatile Collection – To offer nothing short of the best, these online florists time to time come up with some special occasion/festival oriented flower collection to help you gift the best possible floral token of love and regards to your dear ones. You can get carnations, roses, lilies, orchids and other such flowers placed in scintillating bouquets, baskets, buckets, vases, etc. to help you convey your heartfelt wishes.
  • Assurity Offered – As these online florists are professionals, any negligence caused in transit will be taken care of; you can simply rest assured with that. If the flowers didn’t reach the recipient as per their expectations, they will take charge to replace them with a better product. Even in cases of damages of the floral products, they will own up to such incidents and offer you a refund or exchange fresh products.


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