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What is the Variance in Online Slots?

Variance is regarded as one of the most important properties of a game in an online casino. The other word for variance is volatility. When it comes to slots, it is highly essential for a player to find out how much volatile a slot game is at the time of deciding whether to play or not – try Fishin’ Frenzy slots.

In this article, we will be providing you with an in-depth view of exactly why variance matters so much in online slots.

What is Variance?

Variance is an estimation of the risk you have of losing your money in a game. There are 3 levels of variance:

  •       Low: In games with low variance, you have a small risk of losing money.
  •       Medium: In games with medium variance, you have a moderate risk of losing money.
  •       High: In games with high variance, you have a big risk of losing money.

So, it seems like games with low variance are the obvious choice here, right? Actually, the answer is not so simple. There is one more factor that is to be considered here and that is, bigger the risk, higher the return. In games that have a low variance, you may win very frequently but you will never be able to win big. Contrary to that, in games that have a high variance, you will lose very frequently but when you do win, it is by a huge margin. That is why, the more affluent players usually go for games with high variance.

Are Games with Low Variance Irrelevant?

No, they are not irrelevant at all! A game with low variance will be perfect for you if you are playing with a budget. After all, as you keep losing more and more bets, it burns a big hole in your pocket. There is always a chance that you do not end up scoring even a single win after losing tons of money on bets. Luckily, that is never the case when the variance of the game is low. Keep in mind that a large number of small prizes accumulated over a prolonged span of time can indeed lead to something great. A little bit of patience can go a long way.

Suggested Slot Games

Here are some of our favourite slot games distinguished in accordance with the level of their variance:

Best Slot Games with Low Variance
Best Slot Games with Medium Variance
Best Slot Games with High Variance
Star Joker
Carnival Queen
Immortal Romance
Dragon’s Myth
Twin Joker
Dead or Alive
Dazzle Me
Hell’s Kitchen
Book of Dead
Twenty Golden Coins
Guns n’ Roses
Punk Rocker
Classic 243
Mystery Joker
Joker Troupe

Final Thoughts

It is ultimately up to you. If you just want to have fun but not interested in spending too much, you should definitely go for low variance. If you want to take risk and invest, go for games which are highly volatile. Usually, we see experienced slot players prefer medium variance because that is where the frequency and the magnitude of the prizes are properly balanced. So, be smart and choose wisely.




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