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Tips for Buying Jewelry for Kids

Are you planning on gifting your kids on a special occasion? If so, you have to get them a gift they will cherish for as long as they can remember. In such a case, jewelry is the best unique and meaningful gift you can offer them.

Gifting your kids with a valuable gift such as a piece of jewelry makes them feel loved. Besides, jewelry is timeless, and they can have it for the rest of their life. However, when buying jewelry for kids, you should be cautious.

Choosing the wrong type of jewelry would convey the wrong message to your kids. Besides, buying a gold locket or gemstone earrings that will not interest them will be a waste of your money.

But this does not mean choosing the best jewelry for your kids is an impossible task. With the right tips and knowledge, buying the best bracelet or ring for your kids becomes easy.

So, do you know how to choose the best jewelry for your kids? If not, worry no more.

Here are tips for buying jewelry for kids that you can follow.

Check on Safety

When buying your kid jewelry, their safety should be a top priority. You should avoid buying them jewelry that would put their safety at risk.

It’s important you focus on their age before choosing the right jewelry. If you want to gift your kid with a necklace, it’s better to wait until they are at least seven years when they can wear it safely.

If you want to gift them with an earring, ensure to buy those with screw-back posts for studs. Such earrings hold firmly to the kid’s ear without bruising sensitive areas. But if you opt to gift them with hoop earrings, pick those they can’t yank off.

The gifting of rings and bracelets is better reserved for older kids. Young kids use their hands a lot when playing, and this could make the rings and bracelets break easily.

Asses Comfortability

When buying jewelry as a gift for children, it’s good to keep in mind they love playing a lot. So before purchasing one, pick the one they will wear comfortably while playing.

If you want jewelry they can wear every day choose a damage-resistant one. But this does not mean you should not buy fragile jewelry for your kids. Expensive and fragile jewelry can be reserved for special occasions.

You should also pay attention to the size of the jewelry. Not any necklace or ring that you will buy out there will fit your kid perfectly. It’s therefore important you acquire the correct measurements before investing your money.

Potential Allergies to Metals

Young children have sensitive skin, and certain metals might cause skin irritation. Thus, it’s important to understand whether your children have allergic reactions to certain metals.

It would be unfortunate to gift your child with valuable jewelry only to cause skin irritation. To avoid buying jewelry that will cause your kids’ allergic reactions, stick to real metals such as gold.

In some cases, choosing the right jewelry store might make the difference. To be assured of quality jewelry that will not cause harm to your kids, choose a licensed and reputable jewelry store for kids.


The quality of jewelry for kids is not something you should compromise on. When buying a gift, you hope the kid will wear it for a long time. This will only happen if the jewelry is of the right quality.

Besides, poor-quality jewelry might cause skin irritation to your kids. If you plan to invest heavily in jewelry for kids, it’s good you choose the one that will offer value for your money. So how do you determine the quality of the jewelry?

First, check for hallmarks. The hallmark present on jewelry will give more information on the piece of metal used and the country of origin. If you buy a necklace, the hallmark shall be located on the clasp.

If you buy a bracelet or kid’s ring, the hallmark shall be located inside. To determine the quality, you can also check for wear. Most jewelry coated with fake metal after wearing a different color will be exposed.

If you buy a gold necklace for your kids, you can try the magnet test. A genuine gold should not attract a magnet. If choosing the right quality jewelry is a challenge, you can consider seeking professional advice.

Your Children’s Preference

Despite your kids being young, you will notice they have preferences or favorites. If you buy a piece of jewelry that does not match their preference, it shall be a waste of your money.

To get it right, when buying kid’s rings and other jewelry that matches their preference, focus on their favorite colors. Kids might not be concerned more about quality than they might be with colors and shapes.

In some cases, buying jewelry with their favorite cartoon might make all the difference. But if you are not sure about your kid’s preferences, it’s better to bring them along when buying jewelry. They will definitely pick jewelry that suits their taste.


If you are buying jewelry for your kids on their special day, it’s your hope the jewelry will create a long-lasting memory. Nothing would make the day memorable like having a customized necklace with the date and your kid’s name.

Thus, before purchasing jewelry, inquire whether you can customize it to include the name or the date of the occasion.

Buy the Right Jewelry for Kids Today

Buying a piece of jewelry that will match your kid’s taste and offer the best value for your money is not easy. But with the right tips, choosing jewelry for kids to mark a special occasion becomes easy.

Follow the above tips for buying jewelry for kids and get it right.

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