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Top 7 Mistakes C# Coders Make

Are you one of the 6.5 million C# coders that exist in the world today?

If you currently use C# or you’re thinking about getting started, you need to know about the most common C# mistakes that developers make.

Avoid these mistakes, and the boundless potential of the C# programming language will be within your grasp! Keep reading for the inside scoop.

  1. String Concatenation

It’s common for a new C# programmer to approach string concatenation without using the StringBuilder object.

Using the StringBuilder object may seem like an unnecessary step, but it will make your code much more efficient in the long run. You won’t have to include a copy task and the string will look much cleaner.

  1. Forgetting Yield Return

You should use Yield Return when you need to create an object enumeration. Though it may be tempting, don’t try to create a return collection.

When you use Yield Return, you don’t need to store the whole collection in memory.

  1. Forgetting the “Using” Keyword

You might think that the “using” keyword is only for adding namespaces, but that isn’t the case. The “using” keyword is also a great tool for object removal.

The best way to make sure you have correctly deleted an object is to take advantage of the “using” keyword; as long as you are sure the object should be permanently deleted.

  1. Using The Wrong Cryptographic Algorithms

One of the most common C# code mistakes is the use of outdated and/or weak cryptographic algorithms.

Two classic examples of these algorithms are SHA1 and RIPEMD160.

For stronger encryption, try replacing these with SHA256 and SHA512 respectively.

  1. Iterating With Values

Are you getting errors when you try to iterate using values? This is happening because using a foreach loop to iterate lists of records is extremely inefficient.

Whenever you can, you should use LINQ to easily query objects and avoid that pesky error message.

  1. Deferred Execution Within LINQ

Speaking of LINQ, here’s something you should not attempt in it: deferred execution. When you make this mistake, LINQ will not be able to perform any queries.

To avoid this issue, convert your LINQ queries to a ToArray first. This will make LINQ evaluate queries before performing any other functions.

  1. Struggling to Read PDF Files

If you’re a new C# coder, you may have already struggled to make c# read pdf files. This is an important function of C# that you can easily accomplish by using a library like IronPdf.

With as little as two lines of code, you’ll be reading PDF files in C# Textboxes in no time.

C# Coders Beware: Avoid These Common Mistakes!

If you want to be among the best of the best C# coders, you’ll need to avoid these mistakes, continue learning, and master the language.

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Becoming a C# pro is easier than you might think! For more C# help, programming news, and tech-savvy tips, check out the rest of our blog today.



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