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Taking Kratom American Style & Why Experts Advise to be Careful

One of the most talked-about herbs in 2021 was kratom. It’s 2022 and people are still talking about it. Kratom continues to charm the Western world. The Southeast Asian people already know the herb’s marvels. They respect this nature’s gift to them and use it properly.

Americans are learning to use kratom. Though it has been around for many years in the US, researchers are still studying the various facets of this tropical tree that grows in Asia.

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What experts say

Experts emphasize respecting herbs. Now, what does that mean?

According to experts, it means that we use herbs responsibly. Yes, you can use kratom for recreational purposes, but please do not go overboard with the dose. That’s where you must respect the herb, its dosage, and the limits.

The Asian style of taking kratom

The natives have been using kratom for centuries. They hardly experience the side effects of kratom. They chew kratom leaves like a pro. The bitter taste does not repel them. It’s like they are habitual of taking in the bitterness every evening after a hard day at the fields.

They are also known to brew kratom tea from crushed leaves. How it calms and relaxes them in the evening!

The natives take kratom for energy and relaxation. Rumors are that kratom is an effective aphrodisiac. Again, American research has no established evidence to back this fact. Yet, users report they feel energetic and perform well with their partners during intimacy. Who knows? The rumors could be true.

The American style of taking kratom

We Americans are different. We like to experiment. It’s good, as long as it does no harm.

For example, mixing kratom with alcohol is not a good idea. Although there isn’t evidence that shows it can harm, why take the risk?

Similarly, you must avoid creating weird food combinations with this herb. Due to less research on this herb, doctors don’t know how kratom would react with a particular food.

As per the research done till now, pure kratom works fine with citrus, caffeine, fruits, milk and milk products, energy drinks, coffee, herbal teas, and recipes that contain oils, carbs, and lipids.

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However, research is yet to be done on how kratom reacts when mixed with medications, drugs, other potent herbs, and alcohol. So, experts advise staying away from such combinations.

Be safe with kratom

Overall, kratom is a safe herb. However, herbs have doses. They are designed to produce a certain set of effects. Kratom, being a binder of mu-opioid brain receptors, can be a bit tricky to handle.

The best thing to do is take kratom in its most natural form. For example, take Red Bali Kratom Capsules with plain water, instead of combining with any wacky juice or something. Use only the known potentiators. Avoid trying anything strange or unknown with kratom.




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