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How To Safely Remove Furniture From Your House

Do you want to upgrade your furniture? That’s a splendid idea, it’ll give your home a fresh new look. After a while you’re simply in for a change and furniture doesn’t last forever either. Before your new items can move in though, the old ones have to go. But how can you approach furniture removal the best? You actually do have several options, which can also include traditional junk removal. It’s not as expensive as you’ll see when you visit this site.

Offer your furniture for sale

As long as your furniture is still in good shape and not falling apart, you should always try to sell it. For sales, you hardly ever have to worry about junk removal for furniture as buyers pick up your old furniture. That means it’s not really any of your worries how the buyers manage to haul it out. Take some pictures of your old furniture and take its measurements to offer it online. You might be lucky on eBay, but will probably find better luck on Craigslist, Offerup, Kijiji or buy and sell groups on social networks. To make that junk removal a little easier, you may want to consider disassembling it. Obviously, buyers can also take care of it.

Try your luck with furniture banks

Similarly to food banks, there are furniture banks for people in need. Keep in mind that not everyone is fortunate enough to buy new furniture or even used items. The Salvation Army does have a furniture bank, but there are also tons of other charitable organisations with furniture banks. If there’s no furniture bank in your area, you’ll at least have charities that sell furniture to gather funds for their cause. It could even be a pet sanctuary that runs a thrift store for this purpose.

However, not all charities are able to collect furniture for efficient junk removal. Thus, the task of removing furniture from your home and transporting it will remain on you. Furniture sliders are a great tool to help remove heavy and bulk furniture. If you can, disassemble your old furniture to turn it into more manageable pieces. Use heavy-duty gloves for a better grip on your items. Heavy and large items are best left to the professional junk removal service, though. Never attempt lifting heavy items on your own and especially not if your physical condition doesn’t allow it.

furniture for new items

Exchange your furniture for new items

Not many furniture stores offer to take your old furniture in exchange for new items as a junk removal option. However, there are some. The Swedish furniture store IKEA does take your old furniture, for example. Unfortunately, they only take it if you bought if from them. They wouldn’t accept an old sofa by a different brand and that’s how most furniture stores operate. Some furniture stores offer junk removal via third parties, but that’s usually more expensive. It might be cheaper to contact a junk removal service in your area directly. Junk removal companies who collaborate with furniture stores would always charge a higher fee for their service.

You can always offer it for free

Just like selling your furniture, offering it for free will also take away all your worries of furniture junk removal. Some people really do take furniture that might be in the worst shape. They can imagine what to do as an upcycling project or have an idea of how to repair it. Of course, students, as well as people who can’t afford buying new furniture, would also browse free offers. You can either put it to your curb, if it’s allowed in your area and attach a sign ‘for free’. But you’d still have to get it outside with the help of a friend, dollies or furniture sliders.

Or you can offer your old furniture online for free. For this purpose, you may use the usual platforms or a freecycling platform. Freecycle or so-called Free Your Stuff platforms are all about giving stuff away for free. Whoever wants it, has to arrange the collection.

DIY Junk Removal

DIY Junk Removal

Removing old furniture yourself will most likely be a tricky task. As helpful tools, you should definitely use furniture sliders for bulk and heavy items. You only have to put sliders under each corner of a heavy item and then you can move it around at ease. Dollies as well as carrying straps and heavy-duty gloves are another must-have for junk removal. If you don’t have these items, think about your DIY junk removal thoroughly. How often will you use these tools again? Do you have a vehicle that’s large enough to transport your old furniture to a landfill? How far away is the next dumping site? Only do a DIY junk removal if you’ve got a solution to all these questions. You will certainly still need the help of a friend and disassemble what you can.

Parting Words

Parting Words

Junk removals are not as expensive as previously mentioned. You can also lower the fees by selling and giving away furniture upfront. The less you have for junk removal services to haul out, the cheaper it will get. You do benefit a lot from professional help:

  • There’s no heavy lifting implied for you at all. In fact, you don’t have to lift a finger aside from pointing at what you’d like them to haul out. They are trained to remove furniture safely from any home.
  • It’s completely hassle-free for you. You don’t have to worry about how to remove your furniture and how to transport it off. If there’s still an item that’s in good shape, the junk removal will take care of donating it. It saves you the time to make calls to charities and furniture banks. On top of it, they also take care of recycling your old furniture.
  • A junk removal service is only a call away and can be at your doorstep the very same day.
  • The best junk removal services help to clean up your home once all items have been removed. In some cases, they take care of the cleaning part completely.




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