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Ideas for Teachers to Make Math Class Fun

Students generally complain about their math class that they hate being there or simply they hate the subject. In addition to this, teachers often come across arguments like, “what is the use of math in real life”, “how I am supposed to solve the complex equations”, “why I cannot feel any fun when I take my math class”, “why math is too hard”, etc. So, here is the good news for you. There are certain fun ways that you as a teacher can introduce in your math class which will likely boost the performance of students in the subject and make your class more engaging. Therefore, let us all read this piece of writing that would make students fall in love with their math class.

Ideas for Making Math Class Fun and Engaging 

Alongside the content and its importance, it is also important to keep in mind the way you teach your students. Given below are some ideas that can help you in making your math class memorable, fun, engaging, and developing for students.

Encouraging questions of students 

Maybe not every student sitting in your class wants to know about the imaginary speed of a boat going downstream. Possibilities are, that some of them want to know how much time it would take them to travel across space before the recess is over. The answer is complicated indeed but as a teacher, you can use the opportunity to discuss math concepts and skills that are grade-appropriate. It is high time to convert the curiosity of students into a teachable moment to make math lessons and class fun. Encouraging questions is a great way to lead to new discoveries. Robert, a student says, “when I do my online class for math, I always wonder how it can be made fun and my teacher always surprises me with her new methods due to which I have started loving my math class.”

Diversifying math lessons 

As a teacher, you must know that your class is full of students that have different learning methods. So, an extroverted student can get all his or her questions solved by being confident about them. Whilst, an introverted underconfident student can be sitting there full of difficulties. Hence, it is your duty to provide diverse lesson plans. Your lesson plans can be inclusive of small groups, discussions, flashcards, hands-on experiences, worksheets, etc. Moreover, encourage your students to use their math skills whenever and wherever possible.

Creating hands-on experiences

There are high chances that your math classes were only on worksheets and through lectures. But now, we are living in an era where technology has made things easy and impossible possible for us. Today, you can find a number of ways in which you can math class fun and help students in making their retaining ability better. You can play math games with your students and give them some hands-on experiences in the subject. Learning math through fun games and manipulatives would help students develop an interest in the subject. With the help of hands-on lessons, you can easily introduce new concepts to your students and make them excited about learning new skills. This will always keep them excited to take my math class. 

Making math personal 

Incorporation of interests in equations and problems is one of the greatest ways in which you can make your student excited about learning math. For example, if you are talking about probability then incorporate their favourite team or country or sports into the problem. Furthermore, let’s say you are teaching money, then put them in a situation where they have to figure out the amount needed to be saved by them to buy their favourite toy etc. The smallest example is, just include the name of some students in your class in some problems and see their excitement to solve the question. Try to add humour to your math class so that they can remember things for a longer time.

Expanding the boundaries 

Last yet one of the most effective ways of making math class interesting. Try to make your class meaningful. You can try including math in some real-life incidents, subjects etc. to make it seem more accessible and a concept of daily life. In addition to this, you can create your own word problems using real-life examples and concepts or based on an English lesson your student is reading presently. Simon, an online learner says, “when I do my online class for math my teacher integrates units in a way that gives me a more holistic view of the subject and its applications”.

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These were some of the ways in which you can make math an interesting and fun subject to learn. As a teacher, when you make math class meaningful and fun, you make students life-long learners and math enthusiasts. Hence, try these ideas in your math class and see students enjoying solving complex equations.



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