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How to Learn Python Programming?

Python is the most in-demand programming language nowadays. It has gained a lot of popularity among experienced as well as novice programmers. It is used in so many areas like website development, gaming, data science, artificial intelligence. But what is the best way to learn python programming? One can easily figure out this question if one finds the answer to how you want to learn? Yes, figuring out how to learn python programming will keep you on the right track because languages evolve all the time.

There are numerous resources available online to learn python programming. From free tutorials to online courses and books. You can go the way you like. But whatever you opt for there are some practices one must keep in mind in order to become a pro in python programming.

First let’s discuss why learn python-

  • Python is free and open- source. You can use it freely and can even contribute to its development.
  • Python is easily portable from one platform to another. You can run it easily on different platforms without making any changes.
  • Python is easy to learn. Its syntax is quite simple and easy to understand. It’s code is like reading the English Hence one didn’t face any difficulty in understanding it.
  • Python code is simple and less complex than other programming languages.
  • It provides a rich library which one can use easily.
  • Python is used in a lot of applications like web development, data science, gaming.
  • Demand for python is ever- growing. It’s the most popular programming language.
  • It can lend you a decent job and a successful career in programming.

How to learn python programming-

  • How do you want to learn
  • Learn basic syntax
  • Write lot of code
  • Work on python projects
  • Find harder projects to do

Let’s discuss in detail-

  • How do you want to learn python-

First and foremost thing is to figure out how you want to learn python. What motivates you to learn python? If you figure out you want to learn python in which field it will be easier for you to carry on. Learning python programming is a tedious task. One often gets de- motivated. Hence it’s better if you are focused on what you want to learn. It will keep you going when things get boring. It will help you focus on focusing on your end target. Don’t keep a long list of projects just go with one field and few projects you are focusing on in that field.

  • Learn basic syntax-

Yes, start with learning the basic syntax. I know it sounds boring and you might want to jump straight onto your target but learning the basics is a must. It will make your ground in python programming strong. Strong basic skills strengthen confidence. It will help you in writing code perfectly and error free. You need to spend some minimum amount of time learning the basics.

  • Write lot of code-

Eventually this is the best way to learn python programming. Writing code will help you in learning fast. As it is said that practice makes a man perfect so keep writing. We know it might seem intimidating at first but once you get the hang of it you will start to enjoy it. Writing a lot of code will help you in memorizing better. There will be less chances of mistakes to be made when you move in front of a computer. Consistency is the key to learn any new language and it’s with python also.

  • Work on python projects-

Once you are done with the basics, start by doing projects. Don’t start by doing your own projects as you will get stuck a lot and require documentation. Hence start by doing structured projects. Doing structured projects will help you make feel comfortable in your area and you will develop a sense of confidence to move onto your own projects. Projects are a great way to apply your knowledge , what you have learned.

After you are done with doing some structured projects, it’s time to start doing your own projects. What you will learn along the way is far more important than what you will build. Focus on learning. Make sure before moving on your own projects you get comfortable with debugging and handling program errors.

Projects are a great way to learn and strengthen your knowledge as it lets you apply your knowledge. You also feel motivated as finally you will be building what you want.

  • Find harder projects to do-

The only way to keep your- self at pace is by doing coding. Once you are done with the simple projects, find a harder one for yourself. Keep increasing  your difficulty level. This way you will be able to keep yourself up to date. Python is evolving all the time. So its better if you keep doing projects.


Python is a general purpose object-oriented programming language. It’s easy to use syntax makes it an excellent choice for beginners to learn python programming. Learning python programming is not hard, you have to follow a step by step approach. It’s better if you find your area of interest in which you want to learn programming as python is quite vast. It is used in various fields. Finding how you want to learn and your area of interest will keep you motivated as learning python is a long and tedious process. It might get boring in between. So you constantly need to focus on what keeps you going. Various resources are available online to learn python programming. You can even opt for online courses available online.

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Frequently asked questions-

Q-1 can python be learned for free?

Ans- yes, there are many resources available online through which you can learn python for free. There are many online tutorials available as well as many websites which provide learning material for free.

Q-2 Is learning python programming difficult?

Ans- learning python is a long and complex task. One can easily gets de- motivated. Hence it’s better if one figures out at first hand his goals. Achieving those goals keeps one going and motivated.

Q-3 Can a beginner learn python?

Ans- yes anyone can learn python. From a beginner who has no experience in coding to a professional coder. It easy to use syntax and open- source technology makes it more appealing to everyone rather than its competitive languages.

Q-4 how much long does it take to learn python?

Ans- learning a programming language is a step by step process. There is no definite answer as how long will it take to learn. It actually depends upon the person who is learning.




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