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How do Fashionably Girls Dress?

Dressing fashionably and stylishly every day might be a difficult skill for many people to master. It might seem like a simple task, but to be able to dress according to every occasion is a skill that should be mastered. This is why this article is compiled to make you understand how fashionable girls dress. By the time you finish reading the article, you’ll be able to choose the right girls dresses. Whether you’re headed for a girls’ out, work, or any other occasion.

They Dress According to Their Shape

Dressing according to your shape is one way to make you look stylish. It is quite obvious that there are those outfits that can look good on you and won’t work for another person. Again, there are those clothes designs that may or may not look good on you. This is why you need to know how to dress according to your body shape to look perfect.

By this time, the question still in your mind is how you can be sure of the clothes that work best for your body shape. First, you definitely have those flattering clothes that you love because they look good on you, right? Whether it is those high-waist jeans or that empire waist dress, you should shop for more pieces of the same. But you should choose those with different colours, fabrics and embellishments this time.

They Know How to Balance the Top and the Bottom

Sometimes you may look at yourself in the mirror after dressing up and realize that your outfit isn’t working out. This might be because the balancing of the outfit was a bit off. A fashionable look also comes from hitting the right balance. It is, therefore, important to choose an outfit where the bottom and the top complement each other.

For instance, if you’re wearing a full skirt or wide-legged pants, try to pair it with a fitting or a crop top. If you’re wearing a loose shirt, consider matching it with tight pants.

They are Not Afraid to Mix Patterns

Adding and mixing patterns to your wardrobe makes it look fun and colourful. Therefore, if you fall under the category of having basic block colours, it’s now time to embrace floral, checks, gingham, etc.

However, you should be careful to ensure that your patterns complement instead of clash. To achieve this, you should select one excellent main design and accentuate your specific outfit with another. 

They Know How to Choose colours that Suit Their Skin Tone

Have you ever realized that some colours may look good on you while others may not? This happens because of one’s skin tone. Matching your skin tone and clothes is also a skill you should master. To ensure every outfit looks good, try editing your closet with the colours you love the most.

Girls with a cool complexion should opt for blue, black, white, grey and silver colored clothes. If you have a warm complexion, you should choose girls dresses with colours like gold, olive, yellow, red and brown. Knowing how to dress to suit your skin tone makes you look fashionable. 



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