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Are you Risking yourself by Wearing Socks at Night?

Socks are like embellishments to our body. They make us look cool. But sometimes we carry over this cool to our sleep too! We go for a Sock Subscription Box, get those fancy pairs, flaunt them through the day, and then forget taking them off! Or might be we wear them for some good? Here is what happens when you wear your socks throughout the night!

Sleep and the temperature regulation!

We all know how sleep is so vital to our health. Doubt it? Resist sleeping for more than 24 hours and you’ll see those neural cells stampeding like some drunkard. You won’t doubt it then. Not only will your rationality suffer, your autonomic nervous system will suffer too. This is why life-science give so much importance to sleep. Not only do we need some good hours of sleep, but the quality of sleep comes important too.

When it comes to temperature, it is often advised to keep it cool. A cooler room temperature is usually associated with sound sleep. But too low can bring you discomfort and thus out of sleep. Similarly, a higher temperature is associated with sleeplessness. An optimal room temperature is usually considered to be 18.3 C (or 65 degrees Fahrenheit).

When it comes to clothes: they matter. The fabric one uses is as important to the amount one puts upon oneself and for how long. Loose clothes are advisable to allow your body the space it needs. Too tight clothes, or too rough the fabric, can lead to unnecessary discomforts.

When it comes to socks, there are varied opinions about its usage. People usually advise to wear them at nights because they help your feet stay warm. But why feet should stay warm when the room should stay comparatively cool? Having a sock subscription box does not mean one has to wear them all the time. There are rules and there is this science.

Your sock subscription box and its impact on sleep!

When it comes to our body, it starts reducing the core temperature as the sleep time nears. This shift in body temperature is the result of a phenomenon called Circadian Rhythm. Consider this system to be like a system that controls the sleep switch. The amount of light you stay in impacts this rhythm and thus your sleep. This is why it is advised to turn off any strong source of light some 2 hours before your sleep time.

This sleep system also regulates the human body temperature. As nears the night, the core body temperatures starts to lower. This allows the body to rest. A state of heat leads to higher heart rate and thus higher body activity. This higher activity leads to sleeplessness. This is why animals in hot climate sort of gasp to regulate their blood and thus lower their body temperature.

Blood works like a medium that transfers heat from the body’s core to the outer environment and vice versa. A restricted blood flow leads to a disruption in this heat regulation. This is the reason they advise one to wear loose outfit and avoid others. But when the body needs to cool down at night for better sleep, why should one keep their feet warm?

How does wearing socks help in heat regulation?

As we know that heat regulation is a vital system that helps us work sane throughout the day. When our body struggles in regulating heat, issues happen. Wearing socks at night helps keep the feet warm. This warming of feet leads to dilation of blood vessels called vasodilation. This dilation of blood vessels helps in increasing the surface area through which to transfer heat. It also helps in better blood flow. This leads to a better heat transfer and efficient temperature regulation. This is why our ancestors used to advise a warm bath before bed or putting a hot water bowl near your feet.

According to NCBI, as study done in 2007 reported that wearing socks at night led to better sleep. As per another study, it also leads to better sex quality. You might want to look into it some more.

Although wearing socks is considered beneficial for sleep, there are things that one must take care of.

Things to take care of while wearing socks at night!

Yes, you have that fine sock subscription box, but this does not lead to ignorance. While using socks at night, make sure you take care of few things:

  • The socks should not be too tight.
  • The fabric of socks should be breathable. According to Philosockphy, Sock Subscription should be a conscious choice.
  • Avoid compression socks unless advised by your doctor.
  • Do not overheat your heated socks.

Apart from dealing with the fabric of socks and their compression, there are things that one can do to improve sleep quality.

  • Avoid using phones or television 3 hours before your bedtime. This leads to a disruption in your melatonin secretion.
  • Take a warm bath before your bed. This relaxes the muscles and provides one a blissful sleep.
  • Use a light sheet over your lower legs to provide the same effect.

Final words on socks usage and sleep!

While the studies say that wearing socks lead to better heat regulation and thus better sleep, it is no universal gospel. We all have different bodies and this leads to different requirements. Experiment with wearing socks and see how it does help. Many people complain of excessive heat in the feet after a few hours, while others support it too. Risks are almost none unless you wear it despite discomforts.

One more thing to notice is if you have an infant with you, avoid over heating the child. It has been associated with an increased risk of SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome). This is because their body fails to regulate the body temperature as effectively as an adult. This leads to overheating and thus this serious state.



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