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Hotel Management Institute – An Ideal Platform for Building Success

Trivandrum is a charming resort town in Kerala, India. It is also known as “God’s Own Country.” One of the most sought after tourist destinations in India and the South, Trivandrum hotels are counted with both heritage and modern structures. The lovely beach resorts and backwater hotels in Trivandrum have earned a good reputation throughout the year. One of the finest backwater hotels in the world, Varkala Dhevanafil International Beach Resort is a popular tourist destination.

Trivandrum hotels employ well-trained and experienced hotel management consultants who offer a wide range of services to the guest. Most of these hotels are categorized under three main categories such as heritage hotels, beach resorts and backwater hotels. Among these, the most popular ones are listed below. They are worth visiting if you plan to visit Kerala in a leisure holiday:

The Grand Hotel Trivandrum is a five star hotel that offers a beautiful and enticing layout. With its majestic structure, it speaks of age-old traditions. The architecture is traditional with elements of Indian and English architecture. The main floor has a grand buffet, where visitors can try the delicious coconut oil fried fish curry and other delectable dishes. The reception area is decorated with antique furniture that showcases the hotel’s rich colonial heritage.

The Belvedere Club Hotel has an impressive architecture and style. It is a blend of traditional and contemporary styling. Built on the traditional Pallivasala Margin, this hotel features a posh lobby. The hotel overlooks the Arabian Sea and is located at a perfect location that is close to Kovalam. The resort features world-class amenities, luxury service and a variety of options to make your stay truly comfortable.

The Hyderabad Marriott is a heritage hotel that was established in 1929 by the legendary tycoon, V.S. Ingle. The hotel is synonymous with the splendor and luxury. The hotel has five restaurants that offer cuisines from all across the world. It is also home to numerous amenities and recreational activities like snorkeling, windsurfing, water sports, tennis courts and shopping arcades. If you are looking for a hotel with a fantastic ambiance, ambience and offering the best options for leisure time, then the Hyderabad Marriott is the place to be.

The Taj Krishna is a five star hotel that offers world-class services and amenities. Taj Krishna is a member of the league of most sought after and luxurious hotels. Aided by an elite group of staff, the hotel is able to offer unmatched customer care and indulge customers in the most innovative hospitality. A large number of events like book launch, corporate events, shareholders’ meetings etc. are organized here regularly to enhance the reputation of the hotel as one of the most sought-after destinations.

Taj Krishna is not just about luxury, but it is also about service. The hotel is renowned for its efficient service and the kind of caring the staff show towards their guests. UEI Global hotel management institute in Thiruvananthapuram offers the best training and professional advice to the management team. The institutes provide the necessary guidance and training that help you manage your business efficiently. The hotel management course offers the best and latest tools and techniques to ensure your success. You can also make use of the facilities like online tech support, concierge and appointment reminder service.

The hotel management institute also conducts special classes and programs for new hotels and hotel management groups. The hotel has an array of amenities like health centre, library, club house, meeting rooms, restaurant, conference room and a spa. The hotel is fully furnished and equipped with latest technologies and safety measures. The institute also conducts special workshops for the students and trainees of the hotel management course.




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