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What Are the Best Portable Bluetooth Waterproof Speakers?

Whether alone in the water, at the beach, or pool party, a portable Bluetooth Waterproof Speaker has become a go-to essential for various people. It allows you to take the device with you in the water and not leave it behind. This way, you can do both of your favorite things simultaneously without any hassle. 

Soundcore is the pioneer of portable Bluetooth Waterproof Speakers and offers a wide range of options for you to choose from in the long run.You’ll get the below benefits that make the Soundcore waterproof bluetooth speaker become a priority on the market.

1. IPX7 Proven Waterproof Speakers

The Soundcore 3, Soundcore Mini 3, Motion +, and Motion Boost are the best Bluetooth Waterproof Speakers. They are all at least IPX7 verified. It implies that they can be completely submerged in water at a depth of 1 meter for 30 minutes, avoiding damage. Therefore, you can use it in the pool, at the beach, during rain, or even during a storm. The speaker will function at its best regardless.

2. Long-lasting Battery life

These Soundcore speakers also have insane battery life, ranging from 12 hours on the Motion + to last almost an entire day with the Motion Boost. This battery life means your speaker can accompany you on hiking or fishing trips for as long as a day. Even if the speaker’s battery health reduces and it calls for charging, the presence of a USB-C cable and any other input device would suffice. The USB-C cable provides fast charging and is supported by many devices. So, it can charge even in the absence of electricity.

3. Latest Bluetooth Technology

In addition to these qualities, Soundcore Bluetooth Waterproof Speakers use Bluetooth 5.0, the most up-to-date Bluetooth version available in the market. This version consumes less power while providing a more stable connection. The connected device doesn’t need to be positioned right with the speaker. So, you can control it from about 10 meters. This Bluetooth 5.0 technology also helps to ensure that the sound quality is exactly like the original and that the flow is consistent, without any interruptions.

4.The Finest Sound Quality

These Bluetooth Waterproof Speakers use multiple drivers and titanium diaphragms to ensure qualitative emission of sounds and pitch. The drivers are rotated to adequate angles according to the speaker’s size, minimizing distortion and enhancing sound clarity. 

5. Portable and Easy to Carry

These devices are light and mobile. Owing to their small stature, these are easy to carry along on trips and can easily fit inside suitcases. The Motion Boom is 13” by 8” and can easily fit inside your backpack, while the other miniature models, like the Mini 3, which is approximately 3” by 3”, are the equivalent of a small cup. Being small, however, does not restrict the features these Bluetooth Waterproof Speakers have to offer. The Motion Boom can entertain a party of about 300 people, while the Mini 3 can be paired with another Mini 3 to enhance its sound and bass.

6. Easy to use Mobile Application

A smartphone application compatibility allows the users to control the Soundcore Bluetooth Waterproof Speakers with a few clicks. The user-friendly interface tells you all details about your speaker and lets you control the EQ system from the comfort of your phone. If you move from the water to land and want to change the dynamics of the produced sound, you need to whip out your phone to do so. You can also keep track of the battery percentage, warranty, and other information.


The Soundcore Bluetooth Waterproof Speakers are also affordable without compromising on the quality. Ranging from $40.99 to $109.99, you can pick your favorite speaker according to your needs. You can also choose your favorite color from either blue, red, or black. Hence, go and get the Soundcore Bluetooth Waterproof Speakers as soon as possible and bring life to your parties!



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