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Benefits of using Citrix Workspace

Citrix Virtual Desktop Workspace is an evolution and integration of all Citrix products into an integrated solution. This is a premium cloud-only end-user experience through an integrated user interface (UI) that allows users to sign in once and access apps, desktops, and content from anywhere. Citrix has spent a great deal of time enabling all products to look the same across platforms, work together, and provide a seamless experience across devices and locations. To achieve this, Citrix has announced a controversial decision to rebrand its entire portfolio to make it all a Workspace brand.

The vision of Citrix Workspace is to integrate all apps (SaaS, virtual, mobile, Linux / Windows), and devices (PC / mobile, IoT) into a single cloud-based interface. The power of this vision is to put everything Citrix offers into a single solution. You don’t have to worry about which product you need. They are all built into Workspace. With everything you need in one container, from any device, wherever you are, it’s the most flexible solution ever.

Top 3 Reasons why you should use this new platform from Citrix.

Seamless experience

Citrix Workspace Experience is now available as a standard configuration for all Citrix Cloud customers and provides an integrated experience for accessing applications and content from any device. Hosting providers will help in providing Virtual Desktop Hosting service so that users can get a seamless work experience without any additional steps, regardless of app, device, network, or location type.

Citrix has also released the Citrix Workspace app as an alternative to the Citrix Receiver. The Citrix Workspace app is a new Citrix client that works like a Citrix Receiver and is fully backward compatible. In addition to all the features of Citrix Receiver, it offers new features based on your organization’s Citrix deployment (embedded browsers for SaaS apps, built-in ShareFile clients, etc.) and is far superior to regularly updated versions.

Complete mobile support

Citrix has integrated Endpoint Management (formerly XenMobile) with Citrix Workspace to support EMMs such as MDN, MAM, and MCN. This allows users to register their device with a single sign-on and install and launch the mobile app. Citrix Workspace is context-aware and supports progressive disclosure. That is, mobile apps only appear within the mobile workspace, not within the web or desktop workspace apps. Currently, you need Citrix Secure Hub to install the mobile app, but Citrix says it is also working on integrating this application with Citrix Workspace.

Content Collaboration integration

Citrix has also integrated content collaboration (formerly ShareFile) into Citrix Workspace. The user can now find all the documents in the workspace, regardless of where the files are located. This integration gives customers more flexibility and saves a lot of time (documents exist in many organizations). Citrix has released a new file client (download here) that replaces the ShareFile desktop client.



Citrix Virtual Workspace offers cost and time savings, increased security, and increased employee efficiency. Because of these advantages, many companies are moving to this service and moving out of restricted hardware systems.

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