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Customer Acquisition through Content Marketing

Out of the many ways that a business can acquire customers, Content Marketing tops the list in this digital era. Content Marketing is one of the most used digital marketing processes that brands use to inspire and acquire customers. Content Marketing as a process is a long drawn process that is used to impress upon potential prospects and buyers one step at a time and make them their long-time customers. The major advantage of Content Marketing is its ability to create or bring real customers for your business. Other digital marketing methods bring a mixture of customers with both potential and casual customers.

Real potential customers are those who are qualified prospects who are serious in their buying intention and really have a felt-need to buy your products or services. Casual customers are those who may happen to click your ad or read your content in their past-time, may not have real need to buy your products or services, may check with you out of curiosity but lacking real intention, may try your product once or twice having been induced by an ad or offer but do not buy regularly.

Content Marketing educates your potential buyers all about your brand including your company, products, processes, benefits, specialties, unique propositions and social standing, and incrementally influence them to become your long-time loyal customers.

Let’s discuss how content writing can be used in multiple forms and ways to acquire customers for your business.

Digital Marketing Funnel

Content Marketing comes under inbound marketing in digital marketing. Inbound marketing is a stage-by-stage customer acquisition Cost (CAC) process and is termed Funny Marketing. Funny Marketing starts with attracting your potential customers towards your brand through various exposures and interactions with them through various types of content posts. Then, they are gradually nurtured through various higher levels of content engagements like educational, informative, descriptive, intuitive and useful content. The attempt is to create an affinity for them with your brand. The process might take relatively a longer period than Outbound Marketing efforts as those might potentially turn on prospects forthwith.

On the other hand, Funnel Marketing though a long drawn process creates real and interested customers for your business. Funnel Marketing does an AIDA (Attention Interest Desire Action) effect and qualifies prospects into potential customers. Funnel Marketing is a process and not an one-off activity. Through a series of activities, it creates Attention, Interest, Desire and Action and makes an attempt to make those prospects into long-term customers for your brand.

In Content Marketing, you will gain the users’ attention  through an attractive article or blog title and trigger an interest to read more with quality and useful content in the article or blog or social media post. As the readers get more and more interested in your topic or facts or in the way you have presented the article, they continue to read on. They will click interconnected articles and blogs with a view to get a better understanding and perspective of the subject in hand and appreciate them along the way. Buy High Quality Backlinks here.

They love the quality of your writing and acknowledge your skill and expertise in the domain or subject. They come back more and more to get in-depth knowledge on the subject matter by reading and connecting with multiple posts and links of your brand and website through URLs and backlinks in blogs, articles, social media posts, stories, case studies and all those multiple forms of your brand content.

Eventually, these loyal-consumers of your content would like to check your products in the hope and expectation that your products will also have the same quality, quality consistency and benefits as stated, described and claimed all across your content that they had been reading all along. In the run up of their long journey with your brand, they would have visited all or almost all of your web pages and content posts related to their specific niche or topic of interest. Finally, if they trust your brand and offerings, these readers-turned prospects would sign up with you or buy your products or services for a long term. This is Audience Nurturing or Funnel Marketing.

Audience Nurturing is exactly the process of educating and enriching readers of your marketing and research through stages with interesting topics, exciting post titles, extensive subjects, exhaustive tips, useful insights and practical advice. As a result, this process increases the likelihood of these readers to become potential buyers of your products and services. Check out the Best Web Design Service to buy a perfect Content Marketing Package.

Constituents of a Digital Marketing Funnel

Digital Marketing Funnel consists of several layers. The top most layer is technically called the Funnel Magnet. They are exotic titles of your series of articles, blog posts, social media content, graphical images, explainer video titles in YouTube, infographics, case studies, white papers, downloadable content, attractive emails, forum posts and answers, landing pages, etc. The objective of the magnet is to attract internet users to take notice and start reading your articles and posts.

The second topmost layer are those subsequent articles that are inter-related to the first interacted article or any interface content. As the readers also get attracted to the new pieces of the linked content, they get further impressed and continue with the reading spree. Then come other lower levels of the Marketing Funnel. The concept is simple.

They continue reading or interacting with your content or content links, continually engage with your brand identities and web pages for getting higher levels of information and deeper understanding of the subject. As a digital marketer you are educating them about your products and business and helping them to make informed decisions so that they become long term loyal customers for your business. These prospects are with you because you are helping them make substantial savings in their personal lives or business operations, get better deals, upgrade their skill-sets, enhance their understanding of the subject and such things.


Content Marketing is a remarkable lead generation tool through which you can continue to acquire customers throughout the world as a global marketer promoting and selling hi-tech solutions, capital intensive equipment or goods, giant projects, subscriptions to technical solutions, firebrand lifestyle products and brands, etc. Funnel or Content Marketing helps you build a real and interested huge reader following for your series of posts who in turn reciprocate their loyalty and gratitude by buying your products or subscriptions.




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