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8 Unique Additions to Add to Your Custom Home

When you’re building a brand-new custom home, you need to consider every aspect of what you want the final product to look like. Although your home builder will do a great job of getting all the foundational elements figured out, it will be up to you to decide what unique additions you want to be included in your dream home. If you want your home to feel truly stellar, here are eight unique additions to add to your custom home in 2022: 

1. Smart Home Tech

Appliances have undergone massive changes over the last decade. Whether we’re discussing fridges, laundry appliances, or thermostats, the amount of smart technology and features packed into them are mind-blowing. If you want a true dream home, you need to embrace the smart home tech revolution as your new abode is being built. Your custom home builder in San Antonio may even have the ability to get you some solid deals on these exciting new smart appliances. 

2. Air Quality Systems

Having a solid A/C, heating, and thermostat system is key to living comfortably. Nowadays, however, there’s an extra level of comfort you can add to your home’s setup: air quality control systems. These systems can ensure you’re getting air that not only feels good and that’s at your desired temperature, but the air that’s healthy to breathe as well. If your air is entering into sketchy territory, these air quality systems will quickly inform you, and some will even correct the issue on their own. 

3. Plenty of Outdoor Outlets

If you live in an older home, you’ve likely noticed that finding an outdoor electrical outlet can be a massive pain. If you want to ensure you can use all of your electrical entertainment and cooking appliances comfortably outside of your new dream home, you need to pay attention to installing plenty of quality outdoor electrical outlets. Depending on the appliances and entertainment you use, you may need specialized outlets (so be sure to discuss these needs with your custom home builder). 

4. A Dog Bathing Station 

Do you have a pet? Whether it’s a dog, cat, or something more unique, you’ll know how often they can get stinky. If you want to keep them clean and protect your brand-new dream home from disaster, having a dedicated dog bathing station in (or outside) your home is highly recommended. This addition is becoming hyper-popular with many homeowners, especially those who live out in the country. 

5. Customized Hobby Rooms

Everyone loves having a solid hobby. Especially on your off-days, you’ll want to enjoy your hobbies to the fullest inside of your new dream home. By including a room that’s intended to solely store and facilitate your hobbies, you can create an extra-dreamy space within your already amazing new home. Whether you like to game, watch sports, or meditate, a dedicated hobby room will change your life

6. Dual Kitchen Workspaces 

If you’ve been living in a smaller home, you’ll understand how frustrating it is to have a small kitchen space. By setting up a dual kitchen workspace in your dream home, you make it a breeze to prep, eat, and clean up your meals. Be sure to ask for any recommendations your custom home builder may have for this particular project, to ensure you set up your new home for this addition effectively. 

7. Skylights 

Do you love relaxing on dreamy, clear nights? If you do, you’ll love seeing the stars from the comfort of inside your home using skylights. Even on sunny days, the extra warmth and light your skylights will bring into your home will delight you. For those who enjoy having as comfy a home atmosphere as possible, we highly recommend that you install skylights in your brand-new dream home. 

8. Eco-Friendly, Energy-Efficient Features 

Lastly, many homeowners are obsessed with making their custom homes as eco-friendly and energy efficient as possible. The amount of money you save, the good you’re doing, and the tax breaks you can sometimes unlock by focusing on these additions make them well worth your time. And, after all, don’t you want to do your part to save the planet? 

Make Your Dream Home Hyper Unique

With these eight additions, your home will feel like a true dreamscape. If you want to be hyper comfortable, and hyper unique, any of these eight custom home additions will serve you well. Once you start inviting over neighbors, family, and friends, you’ll be glad you went the extra mile during the construction of your brand-new custom dream home. 



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