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10 Essential Tips You Must Know Before Building a Custom Home

Building a custom home is a dream come true for many people. However, if you approach this process without enough knowledge and preparation, you could potentially set yourself up for disaster. To ensure your project goes as smoothly as humanly possible, here are ten essential tips that you must know before building a custom home: 

1. Plan as Much as Possible

If you fail to plan out your custom home as much as humanly possible, you could make yourself more susceptible to budgetary problems and delays. Sitting down with the Ontario-based custom home builder you’ve hired, and making sure every step of the plan is perfected, is critical to making your dream home a reality. With the right prep work, your dream will come true. 

2. Choose the Right Lot

Before construction can begin on your custom home, you need to locate (and purchase) a lot that will work for your intended project. Your custom home builder will be incredibly useful during this phase, as they will understand the many complexities that go along with this step in the process. Always visit, and check out, any lot that you’re considering before pulling the trigger on a purchase, however. 

3. Get Inspiration from Model Homes

If the builder you’ve chosen has built other homes in the past or has model homes to look at, you should check them out ASAP. Doing so will help motivate you, and inspire you to make decisions about your soon-to-be-built custom dream home. If they do not have model homes or previously built homes to check out, touring homes that you love can provide a nice alternative. 

4. Find the Right Timeline

Crafting, determining, and finalizing the construction timeline for your custom home project is one of the biggest responsibilities you and your custom home builder will take on. The tighter the timeline, the more protected you’ll be from any unforeseen obstacles during the construction process. Additionally, a tightly crafted timeline will help get you into your dream home at a lightning-fast rate. 

5. Question, Question, Question 

As you decide on the custom home builder for your project, you need to sit down and write down an extensive, exhaustive list of questions to ask. Anything that pops into your mind is fair game. The more questions you ask, the more peace of mind you’ll have as the building process kicks off. Additionally, this will ensure that your custom home builder is on the same page as you before the construction process begins. 

6. Keep Progress Pictures Documented 

Once your dream home is being built, you’ll want to take progress pictures frequently. Documenting these, and ensuring these are in a secure place, are highly recommended. Not only will this make you feel more confident about the home’s construction, but this documentation will become invaluable if you run into any scheduling, financial, or legal problems during (or after) the construction process. 

7. Remember, this is Your Dream Home 

Even if you think a concern you might have is frivolous, you owe it to yourself to ask it. This is your dream home, after all, so you deserve to have it built to the exact specifications that you’re paying for. Being able to say that your dream home is what you’ve actually been dreaming of for all these years is of utmost importance. 

8. Keep Your Credit in Mind

During the lead-up to you signing the home building project contract, you need to leave your credit completely alone. Doing so will ensure that your budget, ability to build, or other important factors are not suddenly impacted by your credit score right as you’re finally pulling the trigger on the project. 

9. Double-Check the Purchase Agreement Before Signing 

Speaking of the purchase agreement, and signing papers, every legal document you sign should be double-checked before you provide your signature. If you’re able to, having a construction legal expert look over the documents before you sign them is highly recommended as well. 

10. Most Building Plans Do Not Include Upgrades

Remember, most building plans do not include upgrades once the actual construction is done. If you’re looking for a home builder that does include these in their plans, you need to make sure they’re on board before you sign any documents, or before you get too deep into the planning process

Your Dreams are About to Come True 

If you follow these ten must-know tips, you can ensure that your dream home is built with as few hiccups as possible. Every one of these tips is designed to keep you fully aware of the end home product you’re hoping for, after all. 



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