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Why is My HP Printer Not Printing After Changing Ink Cartridge

You’ve recently had difficulties with your HP printer. You somehow deduced that it was due to the cartridge, and you just changed the cartridge. You may have a fresh ink cartridge not printing hp even after replacing the cartridge with a new one.

You have a number of chores that need to be completed. There are documents that must be printed right now, and you want to get to the bottom of the problem as soon as possible. You anticipated the printer to operate properly the instant you replaced the old cartridge with a shiny new one.

However, this did not occur. You’re still having problems with your fresh ink cartridge HP Printer won’t print. There are two options available here:

  • One of the first possibilities is that the printer is not in good working order.
  • The second option is that you have made a mistake and it is no longer working properly.

It’s important to remember that your printer is a clever gadget that recognizes the printer ink cartridge. Because the printer is still unable to accept that the cartridge is not empty, the ink does not respond. One of the most typical issues individuals have when replacing HP printer cartridges on their own is jamming.

When a new ink cartridge is installed, the HP problem persists:

The printer cartridge tape is the first item you should examine. Manufacturers frequently include a tiny sticky tape with new HP printer cartridges. This is a sort of check tape that is used to check for excess ink at the nozzle aperture.

In most new HP printer cartridges, this protective tape is included. The preventative tape keeps printer ink from leaking out of the nozzle region. The manufacturers usually do this at the time of shipment.

So you might not have removed the tape if you hadn’t gone to a professional technician to change the printer cartridge. If you didn’t remove the tape, the printer ink is most likely blocked. This indicates that the printer is not receiving enough ink at the nozzle region and that your HP printer is not printing again. To resume printing, remove the adhesive tape and reinsert the cartridge.

When a new ink cartridge fails to print, the reset function must be used:

For new ink cartridges, the reset feature must be used. HP Printer Won’t Print If you have recently changed an old cartridge with a new one, there is a risk that the printer will not recognize the new one. As a result, the counter still counts the ink as empty. A reset option is available on a number of HP printers. When this function is activated, the printer recognizes the new cartridge right away.

If you have a new ink cartridge that is not printing on your HP printer, you must reset the printer option to the new cartridge so that the printer recognizes it. To use this feature, press and hold the Eject or Load buttons for a few seconds. As soon as you lift the cartridge clamp, double-check that the cartridge is securely fastened.

Removing the cartridge and pressing the Ejector Load button again is not recommended. Go back to the reset cartridge option and hit it again so that the printer recognizes the new cartridge. Once this procedure has been completed, the printer should resume regular operation.

To Fix New Ink Cartridge Not Printing HP, Restart the Printer Cartridge Cleaning Cycle:

If there is a blockage in the printer nozzle, it will very certainly need to be cleaned so that ink may flow normally out of it. Even if the fresh cartridge hasn’t been used in a long time, this must be done. The ink may have become blocked, preventing it from flowing normally.

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Running a long cleaning cycle is the best way to go. This straightforward procedure will assist new ink cartridges not printing on HP printers in identifying the new cartridge and resuming printing. Every HP printer includes an extended cleaning button that must be pushed for a specified number of seconds. After you’ve completed the cycle, you should definitely try printing a few pages to see how they turn out.

If you’re having trouble refilling your printer’s cartridges, follow these steps:

There’s also the possibility that you’re having issues with refill cartridges. If you haven’t purchased a new cartridge, this is the most typical new ink cartridge not printing hp issue. When you replace an old cartridge, the ink in the nozzle region becomes clogged. You may need to mix the ink correctly in the toner or obtain it from our other blog, cure hp printer carriage jam difficulties, to be able to use the printer again. After cleaning the nozzle, try printing a test print to see whether the problem has been resolved.If your HP printer still isn’t working properly after this, go to a professional printer repair shop.



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