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How Do I Connect Canon Pixma MG2520 Printer Manually?

Canon Pixma MG2520 Printer Setup the Canon Pixma MG2520 is an all-in-one inkjet printer that also has scan and copy capabilities. When a single colour runs out, the multi-colour ink cartridge can be used to replace it.

There is no display screen on the Canon MG2520 printer. There are no networking capabilities; instead, there is simply a straight USB connection.

  1. Basic setup

To set up your Canon Pixma MG2520 Printer, you must first unbox the printer, then configure the printer’s settings, and then place the cartridges in your Canon Pixma MG2520.

Before unpacking the printer, make sure it is properly sealed. The next step is to unpack it and move it closer to the wall socket. Connect the printer to the power supply and turn it on by pushing the power button to begin setting it up. Set your display preferences, such as language, country, date, and time, and then click save to confirm.

Wait until the slot moves slightly to the side when opening the cartridge access door, then unwrap the new cartridge and insert it into the slot.



  1. LAN Network setup
  • Using the power button, turn on your Canon MG2520.
  • Touch the wireless connection option on the printer and then the LAN settings.
  • Choose the wireless LAN setup and then click on the quick wireless connect button.
  • “After the have been completed tap yes. The next step is to go to the device you want to connect it to and press the Start Setup button.
  • Choose the mode of connecting based on your preferences.
  • Choose the router to which you want to connect the printer and input your credentials.
  • It will take a few minutes to complete the setup of the Canon Pixma MG2520 Printer. Once completed, you may test it by printing.


  1. USB Cable connection –


  • Right-click on the to begin the Canon MG2520 driver installation process.
  • the exe driver file
  • To connect the computer and printer, you’ll need a Canon MG2520 USB cable.
  • Install the necessary drivers on your PC before the connection.
  • Connect the cable to the USB port on the system and the printer.
  • Open the control panel beneath the start menu.
  • Choose devices; choose printers
  • Click on your printer from the list of printers and wait for it to connect.
  • To test the connection, use a print command.


  1. Wi-Fi connection setup
  • Connect one end of the USB cable to the printer and the other end to the power supply after inserting the printer into the socket.
  • Turn on the printer and select the wireless to connect option.
  • The printer immediately begins looking for networks.
  • To connect, select your selected network from the list and input the password.
  • The printer will now automatically connect to the network.


  1. How to Use a USB Cable to Connect Your Printer to Your Smartphone and Computer System


It should start detecting the printer driver once the connection is established. When it recognizes the printer driver, the programme that creates the exact printing settings starts downloading immediately. Before you can begin downloading, you must first log into your Microsoft account from your browser or computer system.

  1. Canon Pixma MG2520 Printer Setup for Mac


  • Turn on your printer, Wi-Fi network, and Mac.
  • Follow the procedures in the preceding section to do a Canon Pixma MG2520 Printer setup Mac.
  • Ascertain that your printer and Mac are both linked to the same wireless network.
  • To get the printer driver, go to Canon’s official website.
  • To complete the driver installation procedure and Canon Pixma MG2520 setup Mac, open the downloaded printer setup file and follow the on-screen instructions.
  • Go to the apple Menu that appears and choose “System and Preferences.”

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  • Choose Printer and Scanner.
  • Then, to add the printer, click the Plus icon.
  • Select your MG2520 Canon Printer from the list of available printers and click Add. The setup of the Canon Pixma Printer MG2520 for Mac is now complete. A sample page can be printed..


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