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Whip Your Marketing Plan Into Shape: 8 Personal Training Marketing Tips for Landing New Clients

The personal training industry is a lucrative sector in the US. Experts project the industry to reach $12.9 billion in the next five years, growing at an annual rate of 5.4%. In 2021 alone, the sector registered a 2.2% increase in its market cap.

So, which personal training marketing tips do you need to tap into this lucrative industry effectively? How do you stay relevant and retain more clients?

Check out this guide to learn eight tips for landing new clients.

  1. Know Who Your Clients Are

It will help if you first define your target clients before implementing other marketing ideas for personal training. Building ideal client profiles is the most basic marketing strategy for personal training.

Besides knowing your clients’ age, gender, and level of fitness, you should also have an idea about their hobbies. Also, know what they are into. Are they into business or a profession?

  1. Send More Personal Training Marketing Emails

Email marketing for personal trainers is a great way of staying in touch with your loyal base. It can also help you pitch your services to new prospects. However, it will only be effective if you do it differently.

For instance, prospects will likely respond if you personalize the reach-out message. Besides, know how to use click baits.

  1. Ask Your Loyal Clients to Refer Their Friends

Are your loyal clients happy with your services? You can use them as a tool for personal trainer marketing. Ask them directly to refer their friends and family members to you.

One thing about consumers; they don’t hesitate to try direct referral brands.

  1. Get Into Social Media

Do you know that about 7 out of 10 Americans engage through social media? What’s more, social media use curs across all age groups. If your personal training business doesn’t have social media pages, you’re missing out on engaging all these people.

  1. Content Marketing

Do you have a strong online presence for your personal training business? If yes, start reaching out to other fitness blogs or publishers for guest-posting. Getting blogs on other sites enhances your visibility.

It also shows your expertise if you get featured in sites with high domain authority. Visit this homepage to understand how guest blogging can compliment personal trainer marketing strategies.

  1. Build a Personal Brand

Besides building your business brand, you should also focus on creating a personal brand. A reputable business brand brings out a persona that clients want to associate with. This makes it easy to connect with leads at a personal level.

  1. Offer Free Trials

When it comes to personal training marketing, drawing back older clients is easier than getting a hold of new ones. So, how do you hook them up to your training regimen? Free trials will do the trick.

Everyone wants to experience what they’ll be getting before putting money into it. Moreover, offering free trials allows you to collect client details for tailoring more personalized offers.

  1. Give Discounted Rates

After you give a free trial to your new customers, go ahead and give a discounted rate for their first subscription. Offering discounts is an excellent marketing strategy for personal training. Don’t look at it like you’re losing money.

Instead, view it as a tool for driving sales. In other words, losing money through discounted rates translates to more paying clients. It won’t take long before you note the difference.

Intense Marketing Is the Way Out for Your Personal Training Business

Intense personal training marketing is critical if your business is going to move past the takeoff and survival stage. Do more research and employ these tips to get started.

Check out other articles on this site for more marketing ideas for personal trainers.



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