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When Your Personal Injury Claim go to Trial, Things to be Expected

A personal injury claim is made in response to any bodily or psychological harm brought on by the carelessness of another person. This includes medical malpractice, police malfeasance, and auto accidents. Additionally, there are two options for resolution: trial or settlement. The plaintiff may launch a contract lawsuit against the defendant if he violates the written settlement agreement. In any case, a judge and jury are always present during a trial. And in this case, both the plaintiff and the defendant are given an equal chance to present their arguments.

Weightage Based Results 

For your case, a jury is picked and impaneled. Typically, there are six people in it. The jury determines whether the party being sued is at fault based on the evidence, which is chosen by the judge as admissible. Beyond a reasonable doubt proof is required in the criminal trials. However, in personal injury lawsuits, the outcome is determined on the “balance of probability.” This indicates that the outcome would favor those who have stronger supporting evidence. Or we may say that he will win because that argument has greater weight.

Opening Statement

The opening statements from each side will next follow. Here, they give a synopsis of their account and a breakdown of the supporting evidence they will present in more detail. The summary given here serves as the case’s foundation.

Attorney Explicates your Side of the Situation

Then, your attorney will outline the harm done and how it has affected your life. You must describe how your life used to be and how the current situation has affected it. All of the information must be substantiated by sufficient proof and reliable witnesses. Friends and family members who are considered “lay witnesses” can also attest to the improvements in your life. The medical professionals could also describe your diagnosis and prognosis if you had a medical injury. But you must make sure you hire the top personal injury attorneys like Irvine personal injury lawyer.

The jury will then review the evidence that has been presented. Additionally, the defense attorney has the option of cross-examining the prosecution and defense witnesses. And to get to the point they desire, they could try to trap you with a series of questions. The matter might thus be painted in a false light by the defendant’s attorney.

The Defense Attorneys Deliver their Final Statement

After then, the defendant will go through the same process once more. Through the attorney, he or she will provide his or her pieces of evidence and witnesses. The jury will question them. Then, your attorney will have an opportunity to cross-examine the material and witnesses. This is a significant chance to expose any fabricated testimony or proof.

Final Arguments

Rounds of closing arguments are held after both parties have presented all of their testimony and evidence. They will have an equal opportunity to leave a lasting impact. Here, each piece of evidence must be brought out persuasively and braided together. This phase shouldn’t be underestimated because it could cause a significant change in the jury’s or judge’s viewpoint.

The judge will next present the jury with the “charge.” Through this charge, the jury is instructed to take into account legal principles. In a civil case, the judge will then ask the jury members a series of questions. To produce a verdict, five out of the six jurors must concur. The jury members then engage in a number of discussions. Finally, a decision is made public. If a settlement cannot be reached, the judge declares a mistrial and views the situation as deadlocked. The trial then restarts with a new jury at the beginning.

Is it Time Consuming

Court cases typically take longer to resolve than direct agreements and mediations. It might only take a few months to get the compensation. On the other hand, a lawsuit can be resolved through a trial within one to three years. But again, it varies depending on the nature of the harm and the available proof. Therefore, it would be better to get some honest legal counsel before launching a lawsuit.

Costs Involved 

You can incur considerable costs because it might take a very long time to resolve your case. The three most important costs are attorney fees, administrative fees, and court filing fees. The largest contributor to it is the cost of the attorney. Depending on the area and the person, it may be between $150 and $400 per hour. And it’s not uncommon for a normal case to require more than 50 hours to finish.


Jury trials often have higher success percentages, despite the fact that they can be costly in terms of time and money spent. In the end, it is preferable to listen to a trusted legal buddy who is unbiased. You need to have a good idea of how successful you were. The selection could then be made while keeping in mind all the previously mentioned points.



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