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What Is The Role Of Planets In Astrology?

Planets in Astrology have an essential part of human life. Astronomy describes nine planets. However, Vedic Astrology describes seven primary planets. Planets in astrology have their unique significance in human existence.

Our Solar System is a gravitationally bound system that revolves around the Sun and includes the Sun and other entities (planets, asteroids, and so on). In addition, planets, objects, and the Asteroid Belt, which sits between Mars and Jupiter, are part of the Solar System. These planets and entities have a good or negative impact on “The Planet Earth.”

The planets’ Names

What is the order of the nine planets? Everyone is fascinated by the sequence of the planets and how our solar system was established. These are the kinds of questions that everyone might be thinking about. However, our science, which is founded on astronomy, could not provide answers to these problems. On the other hand, Vedic Astrology is a science that has long chronicled the planets and their movements in Vedic or ancient compositions. Our Rishis have already discussed the worlds and their effects on Earth. Only seven significant planets are thought to influence life on Earth in astrology. The seven main planets are shown here, with their distances from the Sun listed ascending order

Venus, Mercury, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, and Saturn are the major planets that rotate around the Sun (The King Planet). Apart from that, one more object is added to Vedic Astrology as a Planet titled “Moon,” which, while we all know it is a satellite of the planet “Earth,” affects life astrologically because it is so close to our world. It is the primary object inside the Universe that impacts a person’s “Mind.”

Moon’s Nodes

Rahu and Ketu are two nodes that are defined in Vedic Astrology online. The “North node of the celestial Moon” is Rahu, and the “South node of the planet Moon” is Ketu. These are regarded as the “Demon’s” Head and Tail, respectively.

What are the planets in Astrology, and how do they affect Human Life?

The names of seven significant planets and two nodes of the planet Moon have already been mentioned. In Astrology, we follow the “Geocentric System,” which assumes that all-important planets rotate around the Earth or the Earth is the centre. Now let’s look at how these planets influence our lives astrologically:-

  • Sun

The “King” of the Celestial Cabinet is the planet “Sun.” It is the hottest of all the worlds. It denotes the government’s or authority’s role in society. It is a symbol of our “Soul” and “Father.” It is the source of energy for all of the planets. Its light illuminates the entire Universe. It rules the “Leo” zodiac sign and is exalted in the “Aries” zodiac sign.

  • Moon

It is regarded as a significant planet since it represents a person’s “Mind.” It’s also known as the Celestial Cabinet’s “Queen.” It stands for “Private Government” or “Private Sector.” In astrology, it signifies our “Mother.” When the Moon appears in one’s birth chart squarely opposite the Sun, it produces good Yoga because the Sun’s beams illuminate the energies of the planet Moon. The Moon rules the “Cancer” zodiac sign and is exalted in “Taurus.”

  • Mercury

The character of “Prince” is reflected in this planet. Mercury is a planet that represents a person’s logical or calculative abilities. It is concerned with mathematics and also includes information on “Astrology.” It’s near to the Sun. It is also a “Messenger of God” who works with our communication ability. It symbolizes our siblings, as well as our daily activities and expressions. It is exalted in the “Virgo” sign and rules over the “Gemini” & “Virgo” signs in Astrology.

  • Venus

This is the planet that everyone is looking for, and it serves as the Celestial Cabinet’s “Princess.” Venus is the planet that represents love, romance, beauty, and all types of relationships in one’s life. Men’s Birth Chart also signifies the wife, girlfriend, or any girl. Karaka is also the planet of marriage. It symbolizes a person’s monetary worth or financial situation. It is exalted in the Zodiac sign of “Pisces” and rules over “Taurus” and “Libra.”

  • Mars

It is a Celestial Cabinet Commander In Chief or Soldier. It demonstrates our fighting prowess and ferocity. It gives us the courage to face any challenge. It is constantly in a state of “Hurry” and ready to fight. It demonstrates a person’s “quick response” or “activity.” It’s a karaka planet with younger co-born, police, army, surgeons, and other professions. It is exalted in “Capricorn” and dominates over “Aries” and “Scorpio.”

  • Jupiter

In the Celestial Cabinet, it is the “King’s Minister.” It reflects a person’s wisdom. It also symbolizes the “Gurus” or “Teachers” who come into our lives. In a woman’s chart, it indicates the “Husband.” It is a benevolent and pious world. It depicts a person’s children and family. It rules over “Sagittarius” and “Pisces,” and is exalted in Astrology’s “Cancer” Zodiac sign.

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