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Virtual Number for SMS: Enjoy the Possibilities

Virtual phone numbers (VN) are state-of-the-art technology and a powerful call forwarding tool. You can have your local phone number in various cities around the world due to a VN and make international business calls at a low rate. There’s no need to be tied to a specific location. A virtual multichannel number will combine all your landline and mobile phone numbers into one permanently available one. Such numbers are in great demand in cases when the user does not want to use his/her personal phone number when performing a particular operation. Meanwhile, buying a new number is not advisable.

Multichannel telephone line: peculiarities

Mentioned telephone communication provides an opportunity to significantly increase the efficiency of communication with customers and between employees of your company. There’s a possibility to create a virtual office and a powerful call center with the help of this technology and by combining all the company’s telephones into a single corporate network. Each call will be promptly processed by managers or redirected to a voicemail machine. In addition, the Internet and IP telephony allow you to control and analyze the quality of work of employees. You can connect a multichannel number on the most favorable terms due to the Freezvon Company.

Virtual number for SMS

A virtual number for receiving SMS allows you to receive text messages regardless of the coverage and charge level of the mobile phone. At the same time, the VN for receiving SMS provides protection against telephone fraud and an opportunity to maintain the anonymity of your data. Messages are sent immediately to your email, where you can read them at any convenient time. The Freezvon Company offers you a virtual number for SMS. It guarantees the most favorable rates and impeccable communication quality!

Every modern person visits many websites and other Internet resources, the presence of which requires you to indicate a phone number. So, for example, when logging to a particular website, you may be required to provide a phone number in order to ensure security. Recently, cyber-scammers are gaining momentum and can hack into almost any account, and threaten to steal the owner’s personal data. It is best to use VNs in order to protect your personal information and data that can be used by fraudsters in the future.

IP telephony is connected and configured by Freezvon specialists. Experienced managers will offer the implementation of a virtual PBX, which fully meets your requirements and needs. The organization can offer modern and thoughtful solutions for private and corporate clients. Specialists will be able to connect for you both a regular IP phone and develop a large-scale IP telephony network for a large corporation in the shortest possible time. You will be able to appreciate all the advantages of modern Internet telephony and high-quality communication of a new level due to the cooperation with Freezvon!

Benefits of using virtual numbers for SMS

Virtual numbers that are used to receive SMS messages have the following advantages:

  • It is very easy and fast to start leveraging a virtual number. All you have to do is to visit the Freezvon website, check out the information, and find the best solution that meets your needs.
  • You do not risk losing your personal information, which can be used by scammers against you, by registering on the site, creating an account, and clicking on links.
  • Saving time. You get the opportunity to create unlimited profiles on social networks and other sites in the shortest possible time by using virtual numbers to receive SMS messages.
  • The convenience of purchase. Payment can be made in any convenient way.
  • Saving money. The service of acquiring a VN is much cheaper than acquiring a real phone number from a different country.
  • Online service. The service does not have any territorial or time references and is available from any part of the world.


A modern person gets opportunities that can be used both for personal interests and in the interests of, for example, developing one’s own business (with the help of a VN one can conduct marketing campaigns, attract an audience, and so on), significantly saving one’s own money and time.

How not to make a mistake with the choice of service

How not to make a mistake with the choice of service

In order for the tool to work, and not just drain the budget and time, you need to know not only its advantages but also where it can fail. Therefore, I will tell you what to look for when using a virtual mobile number in a few cases.

When such a powerful system is connected, you will receive not only a reliable virtual number but also a voice menu to keep customers on the line, record conversations for their analysis, control missed calls, etc. Naturally, this is not free and not every service will provide uninterrupted high-quality work, so pay attention to the following properties:

  • Of course, we advise you to visit only reliable sites. Look for feedback about the system on the Internet before connecting, read what users write about it. Don’t be surprised to find the opinion of a businessman about some part of the service that does not suit you or vice versa among the comments.
  • Carefully read the information included in the tariff features and in its functions. If the information is not complete or you have questions about filling out the package, immediately write to technical support, online chat with a consultant, etc. They will not only answer your question but also help you choose the most suitable tariff.
  • Your employees should quickly complete their tasks. Therefore, be sure to look at the program from the inside, ask technical support for a demo version, screenshots of the account interface, or maybe the service has the possibility of a trial period.
  • Service integrations. See if the service provides at least basic integrations, for example, with a CRM system. If they are not, then most of the applications and calls will be lost or ignored.

Freezvon Company offers the best conditions and is ready to answer all the questions.




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