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Top Features Of Braun Electric Shavers


An electric shaver is probably right for you if you’re having a scraggly beard or haphazard hair to shape or trim. Braun electric shavers are the best option to handle such scenarios. They are handy and easier to use. Braun offers a fantastic range of electric shavers. Covering single foil, dual foil and latest triple head cassettes that compose of both blades and foils within one unit.

Some of the top-level electric shavers from Braun

Braun offers seven different types of men’s electric shavers. Then, there are also a couple of electric shavers available from Braun for women. Here we shall look at the top three men’s variants with the best features of Braun electric shavers:

·         Series 1

·         Series 3

·         Series 5

Top features of Braun men’s electric shavers

Series 1

These shavers are for individuals who desire a close shave on a budget. Overall, these shavers cost around £30, which is a very reasonable price. Some of its features are:

·         For more effective shaving, there are three cutting elements: 2 foils and 1 integrated central trimmer.

·         Floating foil that follows the contours of the face with ease

·         From a full charge, the battery will last 30 minutes.

·         100% waterproof for use in the shower, and fully washable

·         Precision trimming with a slide-out trimmer


Series 3

This variant of Braun electric shavers costs roughly £100, which is an entry level price-to-features ratio that will appeal to a wider range of individuals. Some of its features are:

·         MicroComb technology consists of two rows of evenly spaced grooves with a centre trimmer that moves independently. 

·         For safe and effective shaving, the Triple Action process has a centre trimmer with two foils on either side.

·         The three separate cutting parts are flexible, allowing for precise, contoured shaving.

·         It’s 100% waterproof, so you can shave and wash it in the shower.

·         For lubrication, disinfection, and quick charging, use the Clean and Charge station.

·         For shaping or trimming the moustache and other problematic regions, use precision mode.

·         From a full charge, the battery will last 45 minutes.

Series 5

These shavers are available for roughly £180-£300, making them more affordable to the ordinary consumer while yet providing excellent shaving performance.

·         Flexible cutting components in the ‘FlexMotionTec’ heads conform to the curves of your face and retain maximum contact for a smoother shave. This may cause reduced skin discomfort and decreased shaving pressure.

·         The ‘UltraActiveLift’ foil and blade technology combat tenacious hair follicles, and a couple of crosshair blades aid in tight shaving.

·         A pop-out precision trimmer is great for trimming sideburns and moustaches.

·         The lithium-ion battery has a 45-minute run duration when fully charged.

Final words

Braun shavers can be expensive, but are they worth it?

Braun’s product selection is excellent, with options to meet a wide range of budgets. As you might assume, the more costly Braun electric shavers have the most advanced technology and features to ensure the best shaving experience, while the cheapest is the most basic. For males, we believe the Series 3 and 5 shavers offer the optimum compromise for your daily grooming task.



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