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The Most Common Types of Road Accidents

Road accidents are sadly all too common these days. All kinds of incidents occur, from traffic light collisions to hit-and-runs. In the age of taxi services like Uber, it’s also not uncommon for people to be victims in Uber crashes – essentially, anything can happen. 

What Should You Do in the Aftermath of a Road Accident? 

If you ever experience a road accident, the first (and most important) step is to get a medical examination. Even if you feel fine and don’t think you’ve been injured, it’s always best to get checked out. You might have something that usually isn’t too severe, such as whiplash. Or, you might have fractured a bone, which isn’t always immediately obvious to the victim. 

Once you’ve had your medical check, the next step is to contact a car accident lawyer. After doing this, you might then be able to receive compensation and legal justice. No matter if you’ve been in a motorcycle or car accident, you’ll need to find a qualified lawyer to help your case. For instance, let’s say someone crashed into you on your motorcycle and you suffered injuries; you’ll need to find a lawyer specializing in motorbike incidents, such as those at These kinds of lawyers are experts in road matters, whether you’ve been in a motorcycle or car incident.

What are the Most Common Road Accidents?

Now, let’s take a closer look at the most common types of road accidents. Not only will this boost your road knowledge, but it will also help you to be safer when you’re out driving. 

Head-On Collisions 

Head-on collisions are becoming increasingly common in an age where millions of drivers are driving more recklessly. These types of crashes account for over 10% of driving fatalities, which tells you everything you need to know!

Unfortunately, in 2022, 7 people were killed in a head-on collision in Illinois. This accident killed five children and was caused by a wrong-way driver.

Rear-End Collisions 

Each year, roughly 1.7 rear-end collisions take place in the US. Fortunately, rear-end collisions are some of the easiest to avoid while driving. It’s advised that you: 

  • Always keep your distance from the car in front of you 
  • Avoid distractions (often, rear-end collisions occur because drivers are texting or speaking on their smartphones) 
  • Don’t drink and drive

Pedestrian Casualties 

Pedestrian casualties are the worst types of road accidents. 

In 2021, 7,845 people were killed on foot in the US. This was the highest figure for over four decades, which highlights that there’s a major problem with pedestrian safety near roads. 

Single-Vehicle Crashes 

Sometimes, road accidents only involve one driver. Whether it’s colliding with a road sign or slamming into the side of a store, all kinds of single-vehicle collisions can occur. More often than not, they’re caused by a lack of concentration or dangerous driving, which means they’re relatively easy to avoid by driving safely and focusing on the road. Driving while tired is also an unwise move, as tiredness can cause serious accidents.

However, during the winter months, when roads are icy and slippery, single-vehicle crashes aren’t always the fault of the driver. This is why it’s important to be extra careful when you’re out on the road in the cold, both for your own safety and the safety of other drivers around you. 


Road accidents are serious. Sometimes, they can cause injuries – other times, they can be fatal. 

Over the coming years, try to be as safe as possible when you’re behind the wheel. Remember, if you are the victim of a road accident, make sure to see a doctor and contact a road incident lawyer so that you can start a legal case for compensation. 



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