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6 Tools to Help Remove Rocks from Your Property

Rock removal can be a lengthy, exhausting, and complex process. If you’re used to this task, however, you’ll know that having the right tools for the job is everything. Whether you’re an amateur gardener or run a full-fledged farm, every job that you do will require a different set of tools. To help you find the right one for your next rock removal job, here are six tools that are perfect for removing rocks from your property: 

1. Landscape Rake Attachment 

For heavy-duty rock removal tasks, you’ll need a skid steer and a landscape rake attachment to get the job done safely and effectively. Investing in a high-quality landscape rake for a skid steer can make your rock removal tasks insanely simple. For those that are farming on large patches of land, or who have major rock removal tasks to complete, investing in or renting a skid steer with a landscape rake attachment is essential. Otherwise, your work tasks will take much, much longer to safely complete. 

2. Pointed Shovel

Sometimes your rock removal tasks are much smaller in scale. When you only need to remove a small section of rocks, but the rocks are dug in deep, using a pointed shovel to get the job done is highly recommended. While you’ll need to work up a bit of a sweat to get the rocks up, you’ll do so while causing very little damage to the soil around the rocks you’re removing. If you’re highly skilled at using a shovel, it will only take you a brief few minutes to relevel and clump soil together after you’ve removed rocks using a pointed shovel. 

3. Soil Sifter

Removing small, seemingly endless rocks from a patch of soil can seem overwhelming if you do not know how to use a soil sifter. Thankfully, if you use a soil sifter properly, you can quickly get rid of small rocks without wasting precious soil. For those that have wheelbarrows or large buckets/tubs, you can easily stretch a soil sifter over them. Once you’ve done so, you can then start using the screen or net you’ve stretched out to quickly and efficiently separate rocks and other debris from the soil you’re using. This gardening task can also be incredibly relaxing and good for your health

4. Gardening Gloves

For extra small, but not microscopically small (as we discussed above) rock removal tasks, you’ll only need a solid, comfy pair of gardening gloves. Get down in the dirt, and heave those pick-up-able rocks out of the ground, and you’ll quickly set up a clean, safe, and efficient soil-scape to garden in. Even if you’re spending less than ten dollars, you should be able to score a quality, comfortable pair of professional gardening gloves at any home improvement or gardening store near you. Even if you do not end up using them for rock removal, they will almost certainly prove useful for other gardening tasks soon. 

5. Rototiller

For medium-sized rock removal jobs, rototillers are insanely useful. Not only can a rototiller loosen up the soil, which allows you to expose rocks just underneath the surface, but it can help relevel your soil as well. In terms of tools that will come in useful time and time again in your garden, quality rototillers are difficult to beat. Just be sure to do your research before investing in a high-quality rototiller, as the features that are packed into different rototillers are often associated with your local climate, soil type, and other crucial features. By studying up before investing, you ensure that you’re getting the exact type of rototiller that your land requires. Rototillers are also incredibly useful if you’re installing artificial turf on your property. 

6. Wheelbarrow 

Unless you have heavy machinery on hand, you’ll need a wheelbarrow to actually move the rocks you remove from the ground. Trying to drag or carry large rocks for long distances can wreck your back, after all. If you’re using a wheelbarrow to carry rocks, store rocks, or as a base for a soil sifter, you’ll need to know that the wheelbarrow you invest in will work well on your landscape. Be sure to buy heavy-duty, shock-absorbing wheels for your wheelbarrow if necessary. Especially since your purpose in buying the wheelbarrow is rock removal, you’ll want a product that can be used comfortably on rocky or bumpy territory. 

Expand Your Rock Removal Toolset in 2022

Purchasing any high-quality item on this list will greatly expand your rock removal toolset in 2022. Especially when it comes to major investments, such as landscape rake attachments, taking the time to study up on what investment will serve you best, is absolutely critical. With any luck, you’ll have the exact tools you need to get your next job removal done in no time! 



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