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The Complete Guide to Buying Men’s Hats: Everything to Know

In 2021, the hat and cap industry was worth $2.5 billion around the world.

This shows how many men still enjoy wearing hats, but which style should you buy?

Keep reading to discover a style guide to buying men’s hats so that you can find the best option for you.

Chose Your Style

There are many different styles of hats that you can buy, and each one is either functional or fashionable. Some have both.

One of the most common styles of the hat is the beanie. This is a cap that fits your head snugly while also retaining heat.

Sometimes there are also hats with earflaps that are popular for skiing. This hat will protect your ears and keep them even warmer.


However, a fedora is also a different type of hat. This is mostly for fashion rather than function, but it symbolizes a classic man.

This hat was originally a hat for women in 1882, but that changed in 1924. Then, the Prince of Britain liked those types of hats and started wearing them, making them fashionable for men.

This hat is normally made from felt. It has an indentation on the top of the hat and on the sides. There’s a wide brim as well, making this hat very classy.

Baseball Cap

A baseball cap is one of the most popular hats for men. It was first used in baseball by the Brooklyn Excelsiors hat.

The hat has a rounded, structured crown with a button on the top. There’s also an elongated bill.

The baseball cap is great for any casual situation. There have been many different types of caps since those started, including trucking hats and athletic hats.

Find Your Face Shape

When trying to figure out what hat to buy, consider hats and face shapes. This will help you find the perfect style that will complement your features.

If you have an oval face, then you’ll look great with pretty much any type of hat. You can wear whatever suits your mood, as long as it matches your outfit.

For those who have a round face, you might need to add some asymmetry. This means that you could wear a fedora, baseball cap, or even a newsboy hat.

That’s because you already have a symmetrical face, so you need to add a new angle that will help slim down the roundness. However, you should avoid wearing hats that have a round crown, because those can make your face even rounder.

You should find a hat that will help distract people from your facial curves. Find a hat that draws out your face while also giving some more definition.

If you have a heart-shaped face, then you should get a hat with a medium brim, like a fedora. However, homburgs, beanies, berets, or a cloche would all be a good choice as well.

These hats will help to balance out the width of your forehead. Try and find a hat that slants to one side to help slim your face and call attention to your eyes.

You should choose a hat that would be good for an oblong face. That means it should have a low crown and a flared brim.

This could be a fedora, a sunhat, or a cloche. The brim of the sunhat can also help offset the length of a long face.

Try not to wear many hats that have a tall crown, because those can make your face appear even longer.

Choose Your Material

Next, you’ll have to choose what material you want your hat to be made from.

Cotton is a great fabric for everyday use. It’s also great for regulating your temperature, and it can absorb sweat and cool you down.

If you want something to keep you warm, try finding a wool hat. These are made from the hair of sheep, but they’re also flexible and soft.

They’re insulating, which makes them a great choice for winter hats, and they’re resistant to fires as well.

Acrylic hats are cheap and can hold their color very well. They’re also resistant to bleaching from the sun, but they also deter moths as well.

Nylon is normally used in the mesh backs for trucker hats and Ranch Hat Brands. This is a relatively new type of material for the hat industry. Normally when nylon is in the back, synthetic polymers make up the base of the hat.

Some hat makers also use polyester to make the brims, mesh, and lining of the hat. This can be made of polyester or polyethylene terephthalate.

As we mentioned above, many fedoras are made of felt but felt actually comes from wool too. It’s used in bowler hats and yurts, and there are normally five panels to make up that hat.

Another popular type of hat is straw. These are normally sun hats, and they’re one of the oldest materials used to make hats. It’s an ancient raw material, and while they may not be as popular today, there are still many people who wear them.

Discover More About Buying Men’s Hats

These are only a few factors to consider when buying men’s hats, but there are other factors as well.

We know that trying to stay up to date with the latest fashion trends can be stressful, but we’re here to help you out.

If you found this article interesting and helpful, explore our website for more great content!



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