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What Makes TCS’s Ultimatix So Special? TCS Ultimatix Login Steps

Before understanding TCS’s Ultimatix platform, we must understand what an ERP software category is and why businesses need it to thrive. Every company from small to mid to high level requires certain software to keep the business afloat. Now, the software can be for internal use or external use.

One such software is called Employee Resource Planning or ERP. ERP is a software category that helps manage the internal resources or day-to-day of a business in real-time with the help of AI and technology. Its functions can range from employee count, salary, accounting, procurement, project management, risk management, and supply chain operations. Most small and mid-level companies usually buy such software from a third person, and they tend to be a lot cheaper for them than, say, building their own ERP.

But companies like TCS that have to manage a workload of 390,000+ employees spread around 46 countries can’t just buy such kind of software that could handle that large a sum. So, in the long run, it’s prudent for them to develop one of their own, and that’s what they did with Ultimatix. As a result, Ultimatix is the official TCS portal to fulfill employee-related, human resource, accounting, and payroll-related services. With this article, we shall understand what all TCS Ultimatix can do to ease the day-to-day operations and learn how to go about the platform to use it efficiently.


What Features can the Employee explore with TCS Ultimatix

  1. They can update and track their timesheets detailing the work they completed for a day.
  2. They can apply for leaves and get their supervisors or managers to approve or reject them through the “leave management system.”
  3. They can get information on their colleagues through the portal.
  4. They can download their monthly pay slips through the portal.
  5. They can also download important employee related documents like a Bonafede letter, joining letter, appointment letter, etc.
  6. TCS employees can check the opportunities available for them within the organization across locations and apply for the same.
  7. The performance management and appraisal feature is used for managing salary, increments, and promotions.
  8. The “social network” feature can be utilized to connect with colleagues and share ideas or thoughts.
  9. Employees can manage their Provident fund, and other allowances through the ERP portal.
  10. They can connect to their HR and voice their grievances and quick redressals.

Now we know its benefits, we shall look into how to go about it and include it in our lives.

A deeper insight into Ultimatix

TCS has launched a highly operational portal called Ultimatix, which is really helpful for the company employees. With this portal, one can easily manage their timesheet as well as other relevant services. Though in the beginning, it really didn’t hold up its own because of some operational flows. Some employees were getting this spine-chilling message like their account had been suspended and so on. TCS is still working on its Ultimatix software, but one thing is there to notice that the name of the portal’s website has been changed. When it was first introduced, its name was something that is quite common for a new webpage to have; having its name in the web address “” But some time in 2020, it was changed to “” The Ultimatix portal system makes the whole management system more flexible and accessible for everyone, as one can access it anytime.

The steps involved in logging in to the Ultimatix platform

According to the official website itself, there are 13 steps mentioned to get an employee’s every device connected to the platform securely. These steps are-

  • To get started, open to download the Enterprise App Store.
  • Login with Ultimatix ID and Password.
  • Download UX apps on the smartphone and accept the terms and conditions
  • Install the apps and open them after installation
  • Login to the UX apps with Ultimatix ID and Password
  • Search and download the Ultimatix Authenticator app.
  • Setup the authenticator
  • Login with Ultimatix ID and Password
  • Create a PIN for future use and confirm it
  • Go to the next slide, and the setup is complete
  • Click on “Generate Authcode”
  • Copy authcode, open, and paste the authcode
  • Then enter the authcode in desktop

And then, the employee is all set to reap the benefits of the portal.

When the website was launched, a lot of employees were looking for the Ultimatix app for mobile. This mobile app will help them access the entire functions instantly wherever and whenever they are regarding their timesheets and whatnot. Ultimatix platform in itself is an excellent gift for the employees and now having a mobile app is like icing on the cake. TCS Ultimatix mobile app is available for all platforms like android, Windows, and iOS. This means any smartphone user can download the app and manage it from anywhere. TCS employees must know that the mobile app of Ultimatix is available with almost all functions and features. Downloading the app is only for TCS employees around the world, and that makes sense. One can use all mobile app functions by logging into the application with the Username and password.

What happens if the employee’s mail id is blocked, or the employee has forgotten the password?

It’s quite a simple process to follow when an employee hypothetically has lost their password. Just like any other social media platform, the employee has to click on “Forgot password” just below the password box. It will then ask the employee’s joining date, followed by a security question which would be set before getting the ID and Password in the first place. Then the employee would get a link to change the password in the mail.

Still, if this method doesn’t work, then the employee is advised to call the helpdesk numbers that are spread throughout the Ultimatix platform. The helpline numbers very conveniently are open for employees any time or any day of the week, so worrying about not getting assistance doesn’t seem logical here. TCS has mastered all the kinks to keep their employees happy because this is all that matters the most in the end.

In case one doesn’t have enough time to follow the entire procedure of answering all the security questions followed by OTPs to change the password, then one can opt the option of mailing. This will ensure that the employee get a temporary/provisional password to log in.

Why is TCS encouraging its employees to use the Ultimatix portal?

There are many reasons why an employee should use this portal, most of which have been discussed above. Moreover, this portal is in place to make work-life easy for the employees involved, no matter what level they operate in. For example, low-level employees get to fill their worksheets, whereas middle-level managers get to have a check on the leaves, absenteeism, and payroll of those employees.

Not only existing employees, but the platform is highly beneficial for the new employees. For example, if one needs an offer or joining letter, they can easily login into the Ultimatix account and can download it from there.

And for the existing employees, it is very common that each of them has to maintain the time sheet and daily work, which demands an employee’s time and efforts. But now, their work becomes more accessible with this portal. If an employee is not in the office and still wants to update the time sheet, then with the help of the mobile app, it can be done from anywhere and at any time. Isn’t technology all about convenience?

In simple words, it can be said that the one ERP system streamlines the day-to-day operations of a business by handling a huge number of employees’ information via one portal. Therefore, TCS is encouraging every employee to use this ERP system that is exclusively built for them.


TCS is a very big organization that has to maintain some standards to remain at the top of the game. This requires fulfilling the responsibility of streamlining business functions, among many other responsibilities that will keep the employee’s content. Big companies like TCS that have business houses all over the world, spreading through many industries, for them keeping track of employees can be a real pain of a task. And not to forget, it is not a one-person job too. So, the employee who was overseeing it earlier had a pretty demanding job. However, with Ultimatix, TCS has ensured that not only all of the employees would be accounted for, but they will also get opportunities to rise above the ranks within the organization.

Software or platforms like Ultimatix make sure that an employee who is devoting countless hours to the organization is getting something in return, other than money- the organization’s time. With this platform, TCS has shown that it cares for its employees. One has to assume that this will further encourage other businesses to adopt platforms like this where the employees will have something substantial made just for them.




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