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TCS Ultimatix Login page Passoword | App Password Mail Login

TCS Ultimatix Login is the gateway to accessing the suite of applications offered by Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) to its employees. Through this login dashboard, TCS employees can get various tools and applications which allow them to carry their work smoothly while consuming the company’s resources.

TCS Ultimatix login password

TCS Ultimatix login password and username arerequired for logging in. The username is TCS employee’s email ID. It is autogenerated when a new joinee’ profile in created in the Ultimatix system. This is despite the fact that employees are required to change their passwords after the first Ultimatix login.

TCS Ultimatix password is formed on basis of pre-determined complexity standards, which are determined by TCS. Should be more than 8 characters, should have one special character, one number and one alphabet in it. It does not permit repetition of characters or their recurrence. In order to enhance security, employee is notified to change their Ultimatix password from time to time. The self-service options enable staff members to reset their forgotten passwords.

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Ultimatix login requires employees to type in their TCS email ID and password on the Ultimatix login page in order to login to Ultimatix. Once the authentication has been successful, the employees are redirected to the Ultimatix home page where there are app icons for them to navigate further.

Ultimatix UX Apps

TCS Ultimatix Login app

Ultimatix UX Apps offer a wide spectrum of apps and tools under a unified interface to aid TCS employees in their daily work. Some of the prominent apps and their benefits include:

  • myTCS

The myTCS app helps employees access their current project details, billability status, policies applicable to them, payslips, Form 16 and other details. Through this application, employees can see their multiple employee IDs, assigned assets, tax forms, leaves, out and other employment details.

  • Automated Timesheet

TCS employees record their timesheets on the Automated Timesheet app under Ultimatix. This is an app that enables employees to document their billable and non-billable hours per client project every day. Project managers’ validate the timesheet data before invoices are raised.

  • Insights

The employees of insights are provided with analytics on their entries in the timesheet, productivity and other performance parameters. Managers can see the team-level reports to track the progress and ensure timely delivery.

  • Transport Desk

The transport desk app on ultimatix, allows TCS employees to request office cab pickup and drop off as per project shift timings. Employees can look into details of their regular office cab routes. A request to cancel or a change a cab can also be done by the Transport Desk.

  • My Assets

TCS employees are given several assets such as laptops, SIM cards, internet dongles, and so on depending on their project needs. My Assets from the Ultimatix app allows employees to see a unified list of all company assets assigned to them. They can look up asset ID’s, return dates, warranty information, and so on.

  • My Buddy

My Buddy app connects newly joined TCS employees with other employees who are the buddies or their mentors. The buddies de-culture new hires and familiarize them with the organisational culture, processes, tools, and work styles. Buddy system is also another form of mentoring in the organization which involves new employees reaching out to their buddy for any possible guidance that they may require.

  • TCS Campus commute

The TCS Campus Commute app proves to be useful for TCS facilities located near public transport points who have transport arrangements from these points. Employees may reserve seats in TCS arranged shuttle buses from transit points such as metro stations or bus stops to travel to the TCS workplace. This enables the daily movement of the employee.

  • myKB

The myKB app is an AI-enabled knowledge management system. Articles, blogs, learning materials, and guides related to TCS technologies, methodologies, and processes are available to employees.

  • PC Request

When an employee of TCS needs a new laptop or desktop for working on project work, he or she will have to make a PC request on Ultimatix. The IT staff handles these requests and issues PCs, depending on qualifications and availability.

  • My Policies

Through the My policies app in Ultimatix, all TCS policy documents relevant to employees are available on their mobile phone screens. Policies with respect to policy for code of conduct, leave, work hours, facilities, discrimination, harassment, etc. can be viewed. Employees can also resort to these policies in case of doubts.

  • TCS Scholarship

TCS provides scholarships for higher education to employees who wish to pursue their further studies on merit basis. With the TCS Scholarships official application, employees can learn more about the eligible courses, the payments, the approval criteria, and the application process; they can also apply for financial aid directly. Employees who are interested can apply for scholarships and follow the status.

  • Travel Desk

The employees are required to file domestic and international travel request forms at the Ultimatix Travel Desk when client projects need travel. Through this application corporate travel policies and approvals are made easy.

  • TCS mail login

TCS mail login has configured a single sign-on between Ultimatix and TCS email. When employees log in to Ultimatix using their TCS email ID, they are automatically signed in to access their official TCS mail as well.

The TCS email system, or TCS mail, is used for all official communication and serves as the mailing identity for employees. TCS mail is powered by Microsoft Outlook and Office 365 and provides 50 GB of mailbox space per employee.

Employees can seamlessly switch between Ultimatix apps and TCS Mail within the same browser tab without having to log in again. This unified access across tools makes adoption easier.

Some key facilities offered by TCS Mail include:

  • Enterprise-grade security with encryption and threat monitoring
  • Calendar to schedule meetings and events
  • Contacts list to store details of clients, colleagues, and vendors
  • Tasks to create to-do lists and reminders
  • Notes for quick memos and annotations
  • 1TB of OneDrive space for cloud storage and file sharing

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With TCS mail login enabled through the Ultimatix portal, employees can handle their correspondence without switching apps or remembering multiple passwords.


The TCS Ultimatix suite of apps on the login portal provides employees with the tools and information they need in a seamless manner. Core workflow applications for timesheets, travel, assets, knowledge management, and more are accessible in a single window. Employees can find details about their employment terms, salaries, taxes, leaves, and policies when required. Unified access provided between Ultimatix and TCS mail enhances ease of communication. Routine activities like timesheet logging, PC requests, knowledge lookups, travel approvals, and mail checking can be handled efficiently by leveraging the Ultimatix portal. With everything needed in one place, TCS employees can focus on delivering value and be productive.



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