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OSRS Shattered Relics Leagues | Sell & Trade Game Items

What is OSRS? 

Old School RuneScape (OSRS), which has its roots in the first MMOs, is the only ongoing adventure from which you can get influence. We are here to talk about the osrs leagues & osrs leagues 3 tasks that will give you more understanding.

Old School RuneScape, which debuted in 2013, developed & published by Jagex. Old School is a popular open world fantasy MMORPG (massively multiplayer online role-playing games) that is based on the 2007 build and is constantly updated with new features and fan-approved content. The close interaction between game creators and players is a key component of Old School’s allure.

The game has gotten fresh content, engine quality and upgrades of life updates that were largely determined by in-game polls. RuneScape has fewer players than Old School RuneScape, despite its smaller development team and slower update frequency. In October 2018, a mobile version for Android  and IOS was made available.

Old School can be any kind of adventure you want it to be, whether you come for the deep mythology and story, to battle with or against others, the hard combat, or just to see the magnificent realm.

  • Learn 23 different talents and a vast assortment of play styles.
  • A total of 140 quests can be completed in the intriguing and varied game world.
  • Face dozens and dozens of superiors
  • Take advantage of the vibrant and active in-game economy.

Select your challenge in 

Those who want to experience more adventure have plenty of options. Whatever your area of expertise, the race for the best treasure will have perfectionists and skillers fussing over their character builds. There is always something to strive for, be it the strongest wand, or the most fabulous cap.

Additionally, if you’re one of the most enthusiastic adventurers, make sure to show it off by donning one of the numerous accomplishments.

Those with more intellectual inclinations will also find a compelling tale and a vast reservoir of learning. Tales of both, world-shattering urgency and casual delay are aplenty, from the various schemes of dishonest kings to the day-to-day meditations of the local baker.


The Old School RuneScape Leagues are seasonal variations of the game that involve achieving various goals on time-limited servers with extra guidelines such as area restrictions, trade restrictions, and experience boosts.

Leagues begin with no stats or items for any player, similar to Deadman Mode, and progress in Old School RuneScape is unaffected. With the exception of pets, gifts that are given from league to league, and points used to buy those rewards, progress gained within a League does not carry over to the following League.


Relics can provide XP bonuses, combat skill enhancements, greater resources for resource collecting, production bonuses, special transportation choices, and more. For each leagues 3 strategy

they have unlocked in the first two leagues, players may select one of relics.

In the Trailblazer League, passive relics were also added; these were unlocked automatically upon advancing to the following tier. The passive relics offered an endless run, and increased drop rates.

Rewards for main game

After leagues are over, players can use their accumulated league points to buy cosmetic awards for the permanent game mode. All of the awards from prior leagues are available for purchase, and the points from all prior leagues have been merged.

Based on the player’s position on the high scores at the end of the league, prizes are awarded automatically. These are not presently available and cannot be traded when the league is over. Trophies come in seven tiers, from bronze to dragon.

First League: Twisted League

Old School RuneScape Leagues debuted with The Twisted League.

Players in the Twisted League were confined to Great Kourend and the Kebos Lowlands and were not permitted to conduct trades with one another. Twisted league was started on 14 November 2019 and will end on 16 January 2020.

Rules for the Twisted League

The Kebos Lowlands and Great Kourend were off limits to players. Any attempt to escape from Kourend and Kebos that was successful resulted in teleportation back to the respawn point.

  • Other than the port that connects Kourend and Kebos opposite ends, the respawn location was placed to Kourend Castle Ports.
  • Only teleports to locations inside Kourend and Kebos will function.
  • There was no access to the spellbooks of the Ancient and Lunar.
  • All of the puzzle pieces that were found can only be solved in the Kourend and Kebos player-owned homes, which were locked and set to the Hosidius location.

Some has other additional rule

  • No trading will happen among the players.
  • In some stores, supplies were increased, and replenishment rates were quickened.
  • Anti-dragon shields, barbarian rods, and pestle and mortar are available in stores.

The Dragon Trophy, which costs 20,830 points and is only available to the top 1% of players, is the best trophy.

Rewards of Twisted Leagues

You can acquire additional rewards for use in the main game in addition to the rewards given from league to league.

You will be able to obtain a cosmetic, wieldable trophy at the League’s ends that represents the level which you finished. Trophies range from bronze to mithril, and adamant to dragon.

By right-clicking a trophy, the player can access its distinctive remote. Each trophy is non-transferable, free to claim, and allowed to be displayed on a trophy pedestal in the League hall of a player-owned residence.

Percent  Rewards Points
1% Dragon Trophy 20,830
5% Rune Trophy 10,820
20% Adamant Trophy 5,270
40% Mithril Trophy 1,770
60% Steel Trophy 510
80% Iron Trophy 80
100% Bronze Trophy 10


These earned league points will be converted to reward currency in the main game. Among these rewards the best trophy is the Dragon trophy with which you can earn more points and will get the best currency to buy other tradeable rewards to you. Such as cosmetic outfits, banners, blueprints, teleport scroll and more.

Second League: Trailblazer League

Trailblazer league development began in mid of June 2020 and was started on 28 October 2020 & ended on 6 January 2021.

Tasks of the trailblazer league

It allows players to earn more league points to polish their characters. It has five different levels which are Easy, Medium, Hard, Elite and Masters. There will be hundreds of objectives to do in the league, ranging from mastering a certain talent to taking out specific bosses.

Area-specific and generic tasks are the two categories of its. Additionally, unique activities will be prioritized by tasks rather than repeating an activity x times.

Features that are differ from previous league

The addition of passive relic unlocks to Trailblazer League is one of numerous new elements that were not included in the first league.

  • A new Regions Interface with information about unlocked areas.

These details include what exact locations are unlocked when a new region is chosen, important facts about the region, and quests that can be completed there, and intriguing or practical attractions that may be found nearby.

  • There is a distinct task completion system for area unlocks.

To balance gameplay between grinding for high point assignments and completing a number of low level activities in the early and mid-game this feature is added.

The wilderness will have a safe PvP mechanism that allows players to duke it out for access to certain regions.

Limitations of the player in this league

Every player will be an Ironman or Ironwoman and subject to the same rules as if they were playing in Ironman Mode, including the ban on trading.

To accommodate the enormous number of Ironman competitors, several stores will expand their inventory and speed up their replenishment cycles.

Rewards of Trailblazer league

Brown, Beige, and Blue are the colors for Trailblazer League rewards. The colors brown and beige were chosen as the league’s official colors because they symbolize the sand and dust. That came across while traveling to a foreign country and because Indiana Jones, a fictitious adventurer, served as an inspiration. The open sky an explorer would encounter while traveling are symbolized by the highlight color, which was chosen to be blue.

Trailblazer League Trophy

There are no Trailblazer League Reward Points required to purchase these awards. Adamant to Dragon trophies are two-handed items, while Bronze to Mithril trophies are shield slot goods.

Percent  Rewards Points
1% Trailblazer Dragon Trophy 56,310
5% Trailblazer Rune Trophy 35,680
20% Trailblazer Adamant Trophy 18,720
40% Trailblazer Mithril Trophy 6,480
60% Trailblazer Steel Trophy 2000
80% Trailblazer Iron Trophy 510
100% Trailblazer Bronze Trophy 100


You can easily convert your league points into reward currency which will help you to get the additional rewards such as Trailblazer rug, hunter outfit, ornament kit and many more.

Third League: OSRS Shattered Relics League

The third league in Old School RuneScape was the Shattered Relics League. The league was released on 19 January 2022 and ended on 16 March 2022.

It was revealed in a Modcast Q&A on February 3, 2022, that the initial finish date of March 2, 2022, will be extended by two weeks. OSRS League 3 strategy was the first to develop the lore of the game mode with the introduction of the Saga.

Changes from the original game

  • EXP Rate of 5X
  • Only three skills are unlocked when an account first starts; you cannot select your starting skills.
  • Minigames and bosses require unlock points to be unlocked.

Task that are included in Shattered Relics league

From the moment you sit down at your gaming computer and start playing, OSRS Shattered Relics League offers engaging tasks. Keep in mind that finishing these objectives nets you rewards, exclusive access to new abilities, extra slots, and much more.

As players complete tasks in the Shattered Relics League, they gain Sage’s Renown points, which can be used to unlock more Fragment slots, bosses, and auto-unlock quests. The five levels of difficulty for the tasks are Easy, Medium, Hard, Elite, and Master.

There are numerous objectives to fulfill in the league, from defeating specific bosses to developing a talent to a certain degree. Despite the world being open, aside from boss instances, assignments are again organized into regions and also categorized by skill, same like in the previous league.

Depending on the difficulty of the work, Sage’s Renown and league points will be awarded for each task successfully accomplished.

Here are some of the tasks you can accomplish in OSRS SRL, along with instructions.

  • Safety

You won’t have any trouble finishing this assignment if you have a plan and an effective pathing system. Every player starts the game with three free unlocks.

This task is made easier by the stealing unlock. Although it isn’t as effective as it was in previous seasons, breaking inside the security stronghold will help you get your coins quicker. As you go through the levels of the stronghold, you will find the stronghold of security.

Security’s stronghold is a work in itself. As a result, gathering gold pieces enables you to have enough money to buy things as you proceed with your work.

  • Open up Skill and Slot Slots

You can do a variety of tasks to gain knowledge and other postings that are not included with the league. Thanks to the abundance of easy jobs accessible, acquiring Sage’s Renown is simpler than ever.

You can look over the list of duties and choose the one that seems the simplest. So utilize the tasks at hand to fill as many skill and fragment slots as you can. Additionally, some OSRS accounts with unlocked new skills and fragment slots are available for purchase.

  • Completing the last hunt

The game already has a list of quests that are quite easy to complete. These are Sea Slug, fishing context, hazel cult, monks friend. Early quest completion is an excellent way to start the league. To complete your tasks, you must have enough gold to unlock necessary abilities and gear.

While completing these quests can be enjoyable, you must make sure that the XP rewards are only for the skills you have unlocked.

Rewards of Shattered Relics league

From October 7 to October 13, 2021, polls were taken and all proposed incentives were approved. League awards, a Home Teleport animation, clothes with league-related themes, and a league banner are among the returning prizes from previous leagues.

A  Dwarven Multicannon Ornament Kit, Weapon Variety Pack, and a Void Knight Ornament Kit are among the latest awards.

Players are automatically awarded league trophies, which range from bronze to dragon, based on where they place on the league HiScores.

Percent  Rewards Points
1% Shattered Relics Dragon Trophy 52,545 pts
5% Shattered Relics Rune Trophy 31,980 pts
20% Shattered Relics Adamant Trophy 15,575 pts
40% Shattered Relics Mithril Trophy 5,475 pts
60% Shattered Relics Steel Trophy 1,660 pts
80% Shattered Relics Iron Trophy 480 pts
100% Shattered Relics Bronze Trophy 100 pts


You have access to convert your league points into reward currency. By doing this you can get the additional rewards such as  OSRS Shattered Relics teleport animation, banner, hunter outfit, and others.

Difference between leagues

All players have access to the Twisted League tasks because everyone was subject to the same content limitations. The chores in Trailblazer League, were separated into lists for each individual location as well as general and multiple area lists.

Worries over reward availability

The trophies, which are different sets of items for each league and are unavailable after the tournament has ended, may be viewed as discontinued things even though Old School RuneScape does not seek to have them.

A similar issue would arise if leagues stopped operating every year, preventing new points from being earned to buy goods from the rewards shop. In the event that there are no more leagues, it has been stated that any main game rewards would still be available.

Additionally, developers have stated their wish to run previous leagues again in the future so that players can once again compete for those particular trophies and when the game’s material has been sufficiently updated.

OSRS in mobile phone

For Android and iOS mobile devices, there is an Old School RuneScape client called Old School RuneScape Mobile. It was announced on 17 July 2017, and it was made available on 30 October 2018.

It enables users of Android and iOS mobile devices to play Old School RuneScape for free. Players can use the same accounts to log in across platforms while utilizing the desktop client.

The closed beta was in preparation for an open beta that debuted on 28 February 2022, with a closed beta for iOS launching in April. It was intended to test features introduced in the Steam Client, which would be rolled out on mobile devices.

Feature of OSRS mobile app

  • Portability

With the OSRS mobile app you are not required to stick with your laptop all the time. As long as you are connected with the device you can play runescape whenever you want.

  • Cross-platform play

You can play and chat with your friends whenever you want on the mobile phone. This will help you to stay active all the time.

How to use OSRS in mobile phone

When you install the osrs in mobile then you will be introduced to the page nameThe Tutorial Island is where Gielinor is introduced to you after that. The fundamentals of the game and how to play OSRS leagues tasks will be covered. The real fun starts once you leave the island.

You can choose where to go and what to do in a sandbox game. Would you like to begin skilling? Even for F2P players, there are numerous opportunities.

  • The languages accessible right now on Mobile
  • The same languages will be available as on desktop.
  • Any text entry field, including the chat window, will automatically display the OSRS mobile keyboard when you select it.
  • OSRS Support for Mobile the two most popular operating systems, Android and iOS.
  • They will make every effort to ensure that they are as compatible as possible.


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