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3 Best Trading Platform Australia 2022

Australia has established itself as a top destination for currency trading in 2022 due to its well-regulated financial industry. With approximately 70 forex brokers holding Australian Financial Services licenses, the forex market is the most liquid in the Australian financial sector. What is the best forex trading platform, though?

We provide the review of top 3 best trading platform Australia:

1. Bell Direct

Only you can choose the best forex trading platform in Australia for your requirements because each has various advantages and disadvantages. Bell Direct Bell Direct is a multi-asset broker and global online financial trading platform established in 1983.

Thirty-nine years later, Bell Direct has expanded to provide retail investors with trading, spread betting, online trading, forex trading, and CFD trading. Bell Direct is an international broker. Bell Direct’s corporate headquarters are in New Zealand.Finding a broker who can meet your demands when trading on the financial markets might take a lot of time.

In this Bell Direct review, we’ll look deep and evaluate how effectively the Bell Direct platform performs as a global trading platform for various financial assets for traders in 2022.You frequently have to come and read numerous broker sites that use various linguistic constructions. The language might be highly ambiguous. What can Bell Direct provide, and in which countries is it available? Who regulates Bell Direct, among other things?

Your success in online trading depends on having a trustworthy and competent broker. To prevent losing your cash, be sure your broker is accurate and reliable. Check to see whether your needs and your broker’s profile match for you to have a successful working relationship.

Please consider the benefits of each broker before trusting your hard-earned money to them. We sincerely hope that this Bell Direct review is helpful.

2.Nab Trade

An international online global trading platform and multi-asset broker, NabTrade, was established in 2008.After more than 14 years, NabTrade has expanded to provide ordinary investors with access to share trading, social investing, and forex trading. A worldwide broker is NabTrade.

Nab Trade’s headquarters are in the USA. Finding a broker who can meet your demands when trading on capital markets might take a lot of time. In this in-depth Nab Trade review, we will evaluate the platform’s performance as a global trading platform for numerous financial assets for traders in 2022.The primary factor is a broad range of trading tools, even though the mobile platform is excellent and the service is excellent. I absolutely enjoy using the easy Markets.

You frequently have to visit and read numerous broker websites that use different language constructions. The language might be highly ambiguous. It can take time to pick an online broker like Nab Trade. The first few challenges for a beginner may include challenging cost structures, unfamiliar financial lingo, and challenging mobile or online trading platforms.

3 Interactive Brokers

Due to its institutional-grade desktop trading platform and incredibly low margin rates, Interactive Brokers will continue to be our #1 choice for professionals in 2022. Aside from professionals, Interactive Brokers also attracts active traders and beginner investors with $0 trades and an effective website interface. Just like easy markets Interactive broker has Trust Score of 84 out of 99, which is regarded as average-risk.

The main selling point of Interactive Brokers, or IBKR, is that it gives investors access to 135 worldwide trading centres in 33 countries. Professionals can also benefit from market-leading commissions, which include the lowest margin rates across all balance tiers.

For day trading, trading on mobile devices, trading with options, trading with commodities, and trading professionally, Interactive Brokers excels. As an illustration, Interactive Brokers provides an astounding 68 different order types.

Even while there has been a noticeable improvement in the ease of use of its website for casual investors, as well as more thorough fundamental analysis and training, Interactive Brokers still underperforms the top brokers for novices. Despite this, Interactive Brokers won Best in Class awards in six categories in 2022.


You’re not alone if trading investments seems challenging. There are numerous low-cost trading platforms in Australia that either has no trading costs or minimal transaction brokerage fees.

The brokers we’ve mentioned above must be able to take some of the weight off your shoulders while still giving you access to the features of the best investing platform in Australia that you require. There is a perfect broker out there waiting for you, no matter your preferences!



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