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How To Turn Outdated Spaces in Your House Into Dreamy Sanctuary

Do you have many outdated spaces in your house and feel like you need to update them?

A home should be more than just somewhere to live especially when you are in lockdown – it’s the fact that we are spending too much time at home anyway so why not give some outdated spaces in your house DIY jobs or get some households jobs done so it can be a retreat – a place in which you feel relaxed and nurtured. Sometimes in this stressful life, all we need is a normal home weekend in our own warm and cozy home to boost us up till the next weekend. And we all want an appreciation from our friends and family saying that your house is a place any person can live in comfortably.

Well then, I have a beautiful article waiting for you to help or to give you a brief on all the ideas you need to update your outdated spaces.

Naming your home adds a personalized touch. You share more of a connection with the space and it makes it more than just walls and a roof. One can name their house on the basis of the beautiful view or in another language that speaks to their souls.  Naming your house forges a deeper connection, a connection where it’s just not a house, it’s your home.


Allow your home to reflect the seasons, cuz’ it will make your home feel more enjoyable, nourishing, and cozy to live in.

In the winter, fit heavy curtains that can help in closing the heat and make your house feel warmer than usual, then light candles to create a sense of coziness and protection from the surroundings.

Warmer weather calls for lighter window treatments, so take down the heavy curtains and go for something that speaks summer, opting for gauzy and sheer curtains to give you privacy and still allow light and air circulation.


Lush indoor jungles were all up rage on social media recently, with more households sprucing up their spaces with fresh foliage and potted plants. Don’t be shy when it comes to houseplants, because “adding plants and fresh-cut flowers help one to enhance one’s mood”.


Colors play a very important role in enhancing your mood in any way. Certain colors like cherry red, sunshine yellow, and rich green can lift up one’s mood instantly.

Here you can also ask or hire a general contractor to give you a great color combination on your home remodeling project as they have vast experience in fields like this. As it is also said that “Color is a huge factor to create a sanctuary so consider the palette in your room”.


Turning home into a space that soothes and nurtures you also depends on the way it smells.

Scents help us relax and may carry associations of palaces we love to hang out and bring back fond memories.

Try varying the scent with the seasons, choosing something musky or woody at night drawing in, then swapping to something with more citrus or floral notes during warmer months.


Your sanctuary could be an actual room, a space under stairs, a beloved chair on the porch, a swing in the garden – anywhere that suits the intention you have for relaxing your mind.

If you need space and light, finding an actual room is likely the solution. If you are looking to curl up with a book and a blanket, that old chair is calling your name. It’s completely up to you as to where you position your sanctuary.



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