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How to Make an Acrylic humidor?

acrylic humidor are essentially Tupperware containers used for keeping cigars and are the most effective and simplest acrylic humidor. Tupperware can be purchased at a home store and online, but there are a few things to keep in mind before getting started.

For example, not all crockery will work, and you might need to add some cedar to guarantee that the temperatures are ideal for cigars.


“Collider,” a combination of “humidor” and “cooler,” is another popular DIY humidor. This is because they were originally beer coolers that were converted to cigar storage, although any sealed storage container will suffice.

A corridor, on the other hand, must not be mistaken with cigars coolers, which are completely different.

A corridor works on the same idea as a tupperdor, and a much greater scale. As a result, it’s great for folks who have a huge collection and need a storage solution.Because there are fewer benefits as cigar coolers became more common, the acrylic humidor has become a rarer project. Converting wine coolers into cigar coolers was the finest method for electrically vented cigar storage and temperature control until cigar coolers became ubiquitous.

They were a great basic building block for cigar storage since they were essentially a small freezer with precise temperature regulation. They do, however, require some tweaking to achieve the optimal setting.

Nonetheless, efforts continue because many individuals do own or can afford to acquire used wine coolers. As a result, that may be a less cost-effective option than purchasing a which was before cigar cooler.

Cabinets of antiquity

Finally, transforming old furniture into cigar boxes is a challenging but rewarding project. This could be a wonderful project for individuals who enjoy carpentry and antique wooden furniture.

Converting old furniture into cigar storage is a difficult task that will take time and effort. There’s a lot to think about, and it might be difficult to ensure that the equipment is airtight and has the proper lining.

Some enthusiasts or specialists may even go so far as to construct a cigar cabinet from the ground up!

Overall, it may be more costly than purchasing a ready-made cigar cabinet. It’s not too different from creating a working, albeit modest, walk-in humidor if you wish to include elevated ventilation & humidification equipment.

However, the result will be far more fulfilling, and you’ll also create an heirloom item.

Storage that has been customized

Another popular argument for creating your humidor is that store-bought humidors aren’t always tailored to your specific needs.

You might have a tiny collection and simply need to keep a dozen cigars, for example. If that’s the case, a standard humidor may appear excessively expensive so early in your cigar adventure.

Another benefit of a compact box is that it is easily transportable. If you’re constantly in motion and would like to carry your cigars with you.

In contrast, if your collection is especially vast, ordinary humidors may be insufficient. While cigar coolers and cabinets are also excellent options, a collider provides more space for a lower cost.

Another advantage of such a collider is it’s very practical because it takes up less space than a cooler or a cabinet. If you’re planning on aging your cigars, you can store them in the basement as well.



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