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Anniversary Rings: What To Get

Even if it is your first or fiftieth anniversary, your partner wants something that will make it memorable and more unique. Therefore, if you are looking for a gift that will make your partner happy and make them feel special, then anniversary rings can be one of the best options for you.

Rings are a piece of jewelry that every woman loves; now, even men have a massive collection of rings. So getting anniversary rings as the anniversary present is the safest and the cutest way to make their day more unique.

When you are in the market there, you can find so many different designs, colors and styles of these rings to choose from. However, this process can become confusing and overwhelming because of the vast collection to choose from.

Here, you will see some fantastic tips and tricks to help you find the best anniversary ring for your significant other.

Purpose of Anniversary Ring: 

The primary purpose of the anniversary rings is to celebrate the milestone that two people have completed together. Anniversary is the day when you celebrate your bond with one another, and it is also a day when you can recall all the hardships and good times the two people went through. Therefore, anniversary rings can be an excellent gift for one another on this special day.

Things you need to know before getting an Anniversary Ring: 

Many parameters need to be considered when it comes to purchasing anniversary rings. So if you are thinking of buying the anniversary from the market or even trying to find good-looking diamond anniversary rings on the internet, the following points will surely help you out.

  • Learn about your Partner Liking:

When you are getting a gift for someone, you must know their liking and preference. You won’t like it if you spend hundreds of dollars on the anniversary ring, but your partner does not like it. Therefore, it is necessary that you know what your partner likes, such as the color, design, different stones, and other stuff. It will help you pick the right and the most beautiful ring that your partner will also love.

  • Getting the Ring Size: 

Another important thing that needs to be done before purchasing the ring is getting the ring size. No one wants a tight or loose fitted ring; therefore, get the size of the finger before going to the market. There are myriad ways through which you can size your finger at home, so search it up and get the size of your partner.

  • Choosing the Stone: 

When you purchase the anniversary rings, many things need to be done. One of them is choosing the metal of the ring. When getting the anniversary rings, the metal is classified according to your marriage years. For example, if your marriage has completed 1 year, then opt for gold, whereas if you have passed a milestone of 10 years, then diamond should be your first choice. Hence, like this, there are different metals to celebrate various milestones.

  • The Metal for the Ring: 

Another thing you need to choose is the metal for the rings. There is white a variety of metals that can be used for anniversary rings. But some common metals can be used as platinum, ring and gold. Platinum is the expensive option, whereas gold and silver metal are the cheaper options.

  • Picking the Color: 

After choosing the metal, you need to pick the color. The color also plays an essential role in enhancing its beauty. Alternatives are abundant when it comes to the shades and hues of the ring. Some of the most common colors are golden, silver, and rose gold. All of these look very beautiful and stunning. But you can also choose some other color according to your liking or your partner’s choice.

  • Choosing the Setting of the Stones: 

After all of this, then comes the turn to choose the setting of the stones. You also have a wide range of options when it comes to the setting of the stones. Following are some common stone settings that you can find in the market or over the internet.

  • Prong Setting: 

The first and the most popular setting is the prong setting. In this, the metal claw grips the stone perfectly and allows it to sparkle the best; it offers the reflection of light so that the stone has the most brilliance. Other than that, it elevates the stone and makes it more prominent.

  • Tiffany Setting: 

Tiffany setting is the most classic choice in the anniversary rings. It is a six-prong setting that gives a lot of protection and maximizes the stone’s brilliance and sparkle. Apart from this, it is easy to maintain and best for people who have an active lifestyle.

  • Bezel Setting: 

Another classic and traditional option that you can have is the bezel setting of the stone. It is the most protective and suitable for an active lifestyle. In this, the stone is fixed correctly in a metal cage. Hence, the ring is very durable, and the stone is scratch-proof. It has a sleek and modern look as well as is easy to maintain.

There are plenty of other alternatives when it comes to the setting of the stone, and you can pick a style that suits the liking of your significant other.

  • Matching Anniversary ring with Wedding rings: 

When choosing the anniversary ring, you can pick one that will go well with your wedding ring. You can stack up the two rings and make them look more beautiful. For that, you need to find something that will not clash with the wedding ring; instead, it will enhance its beauty.


Anniversary rings are an excellent and thoughtful gift for your partner. It will show that you still love and care about them. But the whole process of finding the correct ring can be frustrating as there are so many things that you need to keep in mind. Hence, this guide will help you figure out everything related to anniversary rings.




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