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How to Be More Eco-Friendly: A Quick Guide

Are you concerned about the carbon footprint you are leaving behind in life? It’s not an unreasonable concern since the average carbon footprint in the United States is 16 tons per person.

Statistics like this give are making more and more people serious about caring for the environment. However, many don’t know what being more environmentally friendly actually requires.

Entire books have and could be written on this topic. However, to those of you just becoming more concerned about caring for the planet, here is a beginner’s guide on how to be more eco-friendly.

Protect The Planet Through Recycling

One of the most well-known, and most frequently ignored, eco-friendly tips is recycling. By sorting and cleaning up trash, secondary materials can be produced.This conserves natural resources, reduces pollution, and saves energy.

Moreover, manufacturing using recycled material is 92 percent more effective than using raw material. Aside from reducing the pollution from raw manufacturing, the process is more effective. There’s essentially no loss for the environment or the people in recycling.

Use Eco-Friendly Products

To prevent items from ending up in landfills, you should be using more and more eco-friendly products. For example, use reusable shopping bags to eliminate wasteful plastic bags.

Sustainable clothes are another eco-friendly product. 10 percent of emissions can be traced to the fashion industry, and 85% of textiles end up in the dump each year. This is why more clothing companies are buying more durable and eco-friendly materials that will last longer and help protect the ecosystem.

Eat Healthier

Cutting down on meat and eating more fruits and vegetables is good for both you and the environment. This is because animal food production produces a significantly higher greenhouse gas output than you get in the production of veggies, fruits, and grains.

Protect The Environment Today

Now that

This doesn’t mean you have to go vegan. You could reduce carbon dioxide emissions by 882 pounds per year by eating chicken instead of beef. That is a major change and one that will benefit the planet greatly.

Use Biodegradable Products

Biodegradable products break down when coming into contact with bacteria and fungi. This means they dissolve naturally without hurting the environment.

Everything from clothes to disposable silverware can come in a biodegradable form these days. Search around and make sure the items you purchase aren’t going to take up space in a landfill.

Buy AWaterbottle

Plastic store-bought water bottles may be recyclable, but their production is a major cause of greenhouse gas emissions. You can prevent this by getting a reusable water bottle that you can fill up at home and use during the day. Just make sure you get a good-sized one that will get you through the day.

More On How To Be More Eco-Friendly

Now that you have some tips on how to be more eco-friendly, you can start doing your part in preserving the planet today. Earth won’t last forever, but we can all do our part to sustain it as long as we can.

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