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7 Must-Have Web Design Features for Your Company’s Site

You’ve spent countless hours improving your website. Still, nothing works. What gives?

Websites without the right design features are much less likely to have success in search rankings, sales, or general engagement. If you invest a lot of time and energy into your site but still don’t see results, the design could be the thing that’s holding you back.

If you, like most people, have absolutely no idea where to begin when it comes to succeeding online, though, that’s ok. Everyone has to start somewhere, and we’re here to offer some fundamental advice on website design features.

We won’t get too technical, but we’ll offer a few essential things that your site should have to draw traffic, rank well on Google, and improve your user experience.

Let’s get started.

  1. Headlines and Structure

The first place people land is the homepage.

It’s important that you work out the kinks of the homepage because you never get another chance for a first impression. Part of that is having a clear headline that expresses the essential function of the site.

You have your business title, but that’s something that people are already aware of. Make your headline something affirmative, definitive, and easy to parcel out.

For example, “We’re here to help solve your interior design issues.”

Something that gets straight to the point and leaves no room for interpretation. Beyond that, you can get more specific. An introductory section that expresses the products or services you sell is a great way to provide more direction.

From there, users can follow a call to action or navigate through the links on your homepage.

  1. A Section for Social Proof

Social proof is the presence of reviews or comments from past customers. While it seems like a shallow thing, it’s true that people are more likely to engage with your brand if they know that others have done so.

Further, when others express a positive experience with your brand, they’re prone to look a little deeper and see what you have to offer.

It’s a good idea to include a section for social proof somewhere on your home page. Ideally, it’s just below the area where people get familiar with what your business does.

  1. Simple Navigation Bar

It’s possible to create a complex and sophisticated website with cutting-edge design features. While those sites are fun to look at, they’re difficult to use.

If you’re going to branch out with design features, make sure that you keep a simplified navigation bar. Make it easy for people to get where they need to go.

Attention spans run very short online, so the quicker someone can find what they’re looking for, the less likely they are to leave the site. If you can, make the navigation front and center, and streamline your links so people can get where they’re going without even thinking twice.

  1. Access to Sales and Contact Pages

At the end of the day, the purpose of your site is to drive sales. If you sell a product on your website, make sure that it’s more than easy for someone to find that product.

Incorporate links in various places, insert widgets that direct them to the sales page and keep that product at the front of their minds while they’re on the site. If you’re running a service-based business that requires scheduling or communication, make sure your “contact us” page is front and center.

Again, the easier it is to find these things, the more likely someone is to click on them. A person might not even want what you sell but get compelled by your website copy and click the link on an impulse.

You want to make sure that the link is right there in front of them when they have that impulse.

  1. Visual Representation

Another thing to incorporate is imagery or videos. Allow people to see you, your staff, your products, and your brick-and-mortar business. There are all kinds of benefits to showing what you do on your website.

For one, it humanizes you and your brand. You’re no longer a random website that may or may not be a scam. Instead, you’re a real person who runs a business and would appreciate the support of the user.

It’s also beneficial for people to see products so they know whether not they’re interested. Videos are great ways to drive sales and inform customers in ways that help them toward your sales pages.

  1. Blog Pages

Blogs are marketing tools. The blog on your site helps you rank in numerous keyword searches, improves your overall SEO, provides information to customers, and includes numerous “calls to action” that drive sales.

A blog might seem like a trivial thing to maintain, but it’s actually one of the best digital marketing tools in your arsenal. A lot of the time, people find your website through a blog that showed up in one of their Google searches.

These posts allow you to spread your reach across different niches and increase your brand awareness.

  1. Professional Business Web Design Help

The best way to incorporate the ideas above is to work with professionals. Businesses like TrustGeeky Website Builders offer a lot of assistance in brainstorming and implementing design features that work.

The difficult thing about crafting these things alone is that there are a lot of potential roadblocks along the way. 404 errors, broken links, and HTML issues can all get in the way of a successful site.

If you don’t have a professional on your side to fix those things, you might not draw any traffic at all. Plus, the professionals can craft an aesthetically appealing site, not just one that’s functional.

Ideas on user experience, site functionality, web development, search engine optimization, and more are all second nature to the experts. So, if you’re having any trouble at all, you might be better off working with a specialist.

Need More Ideas on Design Features?

Choosing the right design features for your website can be a challenge. There’s a lot more to learn, and we’re here to help you get the information you need.

Explore our site for more ideas on business web design strategy, SEO, business technology, and much more.



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