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How Playing Ludo has a Positive Impact on Players’ Cognitive Capacity and Health

Playing Ludo is an exciting activity, and people should try to play the game at least once a day whenever they get time. It is refreshing and can be played anywhere with a maximum of four players per game and a minimum of two.

For ages, Ludo has been successfully used as one of India’s prime sources of entertainment, which readily translates that it must have some intrinsic value to it, making it a perfect thing to enjoy when you have spare time. Popularly known as Pachisi in ancient India, you can find illustrations of the game on cave walls in the Ellora caves of Maharashtra, which tells how popular it was during those early times.

Let’s look at Ludo’s benefits for the general public concerning cognition and overall health.


One of cognition’s primary aspects is learning, the essential human living element. If you do not learn daily, you are bound to fall back in terms of progress and not gain anything out of life. To play the game, you must learn the ludo rules by heart, maintain all regulations, and chalk out your steps correctly.

In Ludo, you can only move your token out of your house after playing a six on the dice. However, playing three consecutive sixes cancels your turn, and you must start throwing dice from the beginning. This is one of the many rules associated with the Ludo game.


Memory plays an integral part in the functioning of the brain and improving the motor skills of individuals. Memory makes you remember your actions, and it has been found that the more things are stored in your memory, the healthier and longer your brain remains as you gradually grow old. As you learn Ludo’s rules, your brain’s memory aspect is also put under rigorous strain. Through the process of learning and correcting, you have to remember a lot of strategies as well that help your game get better with practice.


Playing Ludo creates awareness within you about your surroundings. As you play the game with your rival, they are forced to manipulate their moves and make you deviate from your goal of winning. The more you play Ludo, the more you become alert to the possible dangers to your pieces, which always keeps you on your toes. This extra kick to your perception also helps you in your daily life. You can use this ability to avoid any underlying danger or be more responsive to your present situation.


Ludo might seem relatively easy with simple rules and colorful gameplay, but at certain moments, it does require you to use your brain to get out of tight spots or put rivals in a situation that would help you get ahead in the match. To play the best Ludo, you must think twice over any decision and deduce the perfect outcome to every piece you move on the board. The game presents many problems where good calls can be made regarding which piece to move first and which to hold back. This activity develops problem-solving abilities in our brain that are crucial and useful in everyday life, thus sharpening our analytical skills.


This might seem a unique inclusion in the list of cognitive abilities, but Ludo does teach you better to express emotions and feelings with and without language. As you play Ludo, different instances make you feel a sense of despair, happiness, loss, and anger. These emotions find a perfect way to vent through the standard signals expressed through the language and gestures in these matches. Ludo, as a whole, tends to be more of a medium that manifests those tendencies in you and lets you display them through playful banter within the game. It is a good exercise in cultivating how the human mind can find ways of expression.

Boosts Immunity

Playing Ludo both online and offline helps you to relax and take some chill time for yourself. The happiness you experience by playing Ludo releases endorphins in your body that are directly related to making you happy. If you stay so glad, harmful toxins are limited to the least in the body, and they do not get crammed inside. This reduces the possibility of experiencing any kind of disease like obesity, diabetes, and blood pressure, which are usually a direct product of stress and unhappiness. If all these factors are maintained, you can easily ward off diseases with solid immunity and stay healthy and happy for a long time.

Improves Mental Health

In this modern world, mental health is a rising issue among teenagers, and people around the globe face a crisis in dealing with them. Ludo helps you deviate your mind from this functional problem and makes you focus on the task at hand. It reduces stress levels and lightens any built-up anxiety, making you calmer and more consistent in your work and increasing your attention span. If you concentrate on Ludo in your idle time, you are bound to forget your ailments and keep your mind constantly working towards finding out a solution to how you can win the match.

Final Words

The humble game of Ludo certainly has more health benefits than you can think. It is an excellent game and is most accessible as a game in this new decade because of the development of apps that are easy to install on your smart device. A game that positively impacts you is good, and you should carry it around and play whenever you have an off time during the day. No wonder Ludo was a celebrated board game in the past and has lasted down the years to even emerge as the top online game played in 2021.



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