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How to Download Facebook Stories on Mobile?

Social Media is an effective medium to connect people in various parts of the world. Whenever we think of social media, the first name that comes to our mind is Facebook because it is the largest social media platform, with around 3 Billion users worldwide. Facebook offers many options to its users for interaction with other people.

One of the most used options on Facebook is ‘Facebook Stories’. This feature allows users to share their daily activities, short videos, memes, and funny clips with their network for a limited time (24 hours, to be exact). Since the introduction of this feature, Facebook users have used it massively to share their daily activities, quotes, short videos, and much more.

People who use Facebook as their regular source of interaction with other people often prefer to browse through the uploaded stories. It is observed that people often want to save stories uploaded by other people, but they don’t know how to do it. This is especially true for people who browse Facebook through smartphones.

We have come up with some useful details regarding an effective method to download Facebook videos and stories easily using smartphones. If you want to know more about this method, then read the details given below:

Facebook Story Download on Smartphones

If you are browsing Facebook stories on your smartphone and coming across a funny or inspirational video worth saving, then there is no need to worry. Facebook story download on smartphones is not a tricky task; instead, it is pretty easy if you know the right tool to do it. An efficient Facebook video downloader will do the trick for you.

If you are browsing Facebook stories on your smartphone and want to save a video story, simply copy the URL of that video from the options button given in the top right corner of the screen. Once you copy the URL, search for a Facebook video downloader on the web. As soon as you land on the page with the tool, you will see a text box asking you to input the URL of the video story.

You just need to paste the URL of the story, touch the ‘Download’ button, and it will download your desired video from the Facebook story easily. The method is quite simple, and the best thing about this whole process is you don’t need to install any app for this purpose. Simply copy the link and download the video story using the tool.

A Few Renowned Tools to Download Facebook Stories

Finding an efficient video downloader that can help you download Facebook videos and stories can be tricky. Therefore, we have made a list of some renowned tools that are useful for this purpose. Read on to know more.

DupliChecker is a well-known platform that offers several useful tools for various users. In addition to Facebook story download, this platform allows users to download Facebook reels and videos. If you want to download a video posted on Facebook as a story, you simply need to search for this tool and input the URL of the story you want to download. Once you press the Download button after pasting the URL, it will quickly download the story for you.

SmallSEOTools is yet another helpful platform with plenty of efficient tools to offer. This platform also offers its Facebook story downloader that helps users to download Facebook videos, stories and reels as well. Copy and paste the URL of the story/video in the given text box on the tool and opt for the ‘Download’ option. When you select the download option, it will download the Facebook story on your smartphone in no time. You can share the video or save it for later use.

Another worth mentioning Facebook story downloader is SnapSave. The tool enables users to download high-quality stories and videos from Facebook. Copy the given link and search for SnapSave on the web. Find the link from the results and access it. Now you simply need to paste the copied URL in the text box. Upon pasting the copied URL, touch the download button on the right of the text box. You will get the video downloaded quickly.

End Note!

Saving Facebook stories for later use on your smartphones is not a difficult task anymore. Many Facebook video downloaders can help you in this regard. All you need to do is copy and paste the URL of the video story, and the tool will do the rest for you. We hope you will find this entire helpful discussion.



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