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Colour Combos for Winter Nail Palette

It’s hard to find an Aussie teenage girl without cute nail stickers on their nails. The trend of nail stickers was huge among every teenager in the 2000s.

But when we talk about nail art, it’s not the cute tiny stickers you’d stick on your nail as a teenager. These DIY nail art kits replaced nail stickers. In fact, NSI Australia was the first to introduce Acrylic Nail Products in the local market.

Most women apply nail colour or get nail art according to the mood, occasion, and outfit.

Winter Nail Colour Combos

It’s not uncommon to see women sporting nail colours according to any occasion or season. On Australia Day, social media sites were flooded with nail art of the Australian Flag. Whereas, for Christmas, you will see red, green, and white on every woman’s nails.

Similarly, nail colours according to seasons are a thing in the world of nail style. Summers are for bright summery shades, and winters are for cool pleasant shades.

Getting the colour combo right is tricky, whether you are getting nail art done or simply coating your nails with fresh paint. Here’s a comprehensive list of colours you can try this winter.

1.     Blue Ombre Acrylic Nail

Imagine ocean blue with white on your nails. It’s perfect for chilly winters. Whether you are dressed for the office, for a party, or on vacation, ombre blue and white nails can take you anywhere.

Popular shades of blue that you can try with white are ocean blue, midnight blue, and baby blue, or you can also try turquoise.

Try this with other cool pastel shades; add a hint of white at the top.

2.     Natural Palette Nails

If you like simple and subtle manicures, this might be your favourite. Antique rose, warm taupe, beiges, sands, grey, and other nude shades can be used. You can choose different shades of the same colour for each nail or different nude shades.

A natural palette can look great with chunky winter wear and knits. Try to complement your natural palette nails with neutral clothes.

3.     Gunmetal Nails

If black and grey are your colours, you won’t have a second thought about gunmetal nails. Gunmetal nails are not emo or gothic but edgy and glamorous. Gunmetal nails can surely turn heads whether you have round, stiletto-shaped, or short nails.

You can choose to have this style on one nail or paint all the nails to have a gunmetal appearance. Feel free to experiment.

4.     Cherry Red

The list would be incomplete without the mention of red shades for winter nail colours. Short trimmed nails, long pointed nails, oval-shaped, stiletto shaped, you can never go wrong with a classy shade of red.

We love the chocolate red shade. It spells winter like no other colour. You can paint all your nails red or try to pair them up with colours like white, black, beige, and brown. To glam up the nails, you can add some glitter or motifs.

The Bottom Line

If you feel a little inspired after reading this list to get a fresh mani, keep these colour shades in mind. If you do not have the time for an elaborate mani at the salon, you can pick all your nail favourites from NSI Australia. From nail accessories, paint, and kits to tools for nail arts, NSI Australia won’t disappoint you.



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