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Are you tired of looking ordinary whenever you wear salwar suits? If yes, here are clever tips to make you stand out when wearing salwar suits.


Although well-designed salwar suits will automatically make you look good, you need to learn some tips that will make you look more gorgeous and stand out on any occasion. It is important to note that knowing your body shape will help you buy fitting salwar suits. Additionally, you should consider the right fabric to make you feel comfortable and look more expensive.

If you are used to looking ordinary whenever you wear your best salwar suits, and people are not impressed by your outfit, it is time to rethink your styling and accessorizing strategy. Here are four excellent tips to make you look gorgeous and stylish whenever you wear salwar suits to any event.

Mix and Match

If you have a wider collection of salwar suits in your wardrobe, you can now mix and match them to achieve a unique look. People are used to seeing you in suits, but you will look more refined and creative when you mix and match the outfits. For instance, if you have a pink salwar suit, you can wear the pink salwar with a yellow, blue, or white kameez/top. Mixing and matching will offer you more options, and you will look unique for different occasions.

Choose Contrasting Dupattas and Consider Different Draping Styles

You have probably been wearing salwar suits with matching dupattas and most probably going with the same draping style. That should stop from today. You should wear a salwar suit but wear it with a contrasting dupatta. A contrasting dupatta will shift the attention from your ordinary salwar suit to the new contrasting dupatta.

Additionally, you should consider new dupatta draping styles and move away from the usual ones. You can now pin the dupatta on one side and support it with one arm. Alternatively, you can let the dupatta hang at the back and bring both ends to your arms or elbow. Research new dupatta draping styles and use them when wearing your salwar suits; you will look unique.

Change Your Hair Style

You may think that your hairstyle doesn’t play a role in your overall appearance. But that is not true. Your hairstyle determines your overall look, especially when wearing salwar suits. If you are used to one hairstyle, it is time to research new hairstyles that will go well with your salwar outfits. You can try the zari French braid style. Alternatively, you can try diffuse curls, ringlets bun with gajra, or twisted bun, and you will look unique. If possible, change the hairstyle regularly, and you will stand out in your salwar suits.

Wear Heels and Carry Your Designer Handbag

Gone are the days when you have to wear salwar suits with traditional flat shoes or sandals. You should now upgrade your fashion style in shoes – go for heels. Wearing heels will give your entire outfit a new dimension, and people will like it. Additionally, you should carry your designer handbag. The handbag should match your heels for a more sophisticated look.

Final Words

Whenever you wear salwar suits, you should always think outside the box to get a new look. Besides wearing makeup and putting on some jewelry pieces, you should also consider the above clever tips to make you stand out on any occasion. You should always focus on your look, but don’t compromise on your comfort. For instance, if you are not comfortable carrying a designer handbag, you can carry a well-designed clutch, and you will still stand out.



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