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7 Modern Fashion Tips Anyone Can Follow

The global fashion industry is worth $3 trillion. And it evolves, changes, and adapts. Daily.

Staying on top of trends isn’t easy. What’s new and trendy one day is old the next. But elegant and classy are timeless.

What looks elegant today will work in a month, a year, a decade. Elegant speaks volumes, lets you feel your best – and it’s easier to pull off than you think.

#1: Know Your Style

Everybody has a default style.

When all is said and done, nobody can tell you your style but you. And it’s not that hard to figure out.

When you’ve got a minute to spare, throw the clothing you wear the most onto the couch and look at it. Really look at it.

Is it all plain colors? All black? Do the colors contrast? Is it formal and traditional – or is it amorous and revealing?

#2: Go Back to Black

Wondering how to dress classy? When in doubt, go back to black. Not only is black the most flattering color, but it’s also the most professional.

Failing that, opt for a neutral color. Neutral says “formal” without making a fuss.

#3: It’s All About the Fit

Modern, classy clothing is form-fitting without revealing too much. It doesn’t need to be tailored to your exact shape, but it should be snug.

And if your wardrobe doesn’t hug your body like it should, remember your local tailor. Tailor-made clothing is expensive – but it’s cheaper than you think to have adjustments made to your existing garments.

#4: Accessorize Subtly

Modern fashion is about making statements without being brash. That goes for all your accessories: Necklaces, bracelets, earrings, handbags, scarves, and shoes.

Remember: You’re not ticking off a checklist. Consider refining your accessories down to only a pair of pearl earrings, a delicate ring, or a black diamond choker.

You’ll find that less is indeed more.

#5: Adapt Your Hairdo

Some of us never try out anything new with our hair. That’s a real shame. Great hairdos can make any outfit pop.

And look, we get it. Hair is finicky at the best of times. Straightening hair can easily eat an hour, and some days your hair refuses to play ball.

If you regularly find you’re in a hurry, get it cut back. Short hair is most definitely in – and it removes a ton of hassle, as well.

#6: Don’t Fear Your Shape

Fashion tips are all well and good. But so much of the fashion industry is geared toward that body type. And between airbrushing, social media, and flattering camera angles, it’s easy to forget that we’re all human.

Everybody has their own unique shape. And it’s not something to fear. Embrace your shape, and let your confidence shine through.

You make your outfit as much as it makes you.

#7: Try Something New

Let’s be honest.

Modern fashion tips come and go with the seasons. Ultimately, the most important tip you can carry with you is to never stop experimenting with style.

You can’t knock it unless you try it.

Modern Fashion is Easy

Modern fashion isn’t rocket science. When in doubt, keep it simple. Try out new things all the time, and remember that it’s all about owning your choices.

When you look your best, you feel your best.

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