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CCIE Security Learning Program

Specialist Certification is intended for candidates who have expertise and solid base in implementing and selling Oracle Sales cloud solutions. For differentiating in the market by offering a competitive place, according to the skills this certification is authentic. It contains 75 multiple choice questions and the duration of the exam is 120 minutes. Candidates need to gain 61% for passing the exam. It needs some special skills to cover the exam topics and candidates are facilitated with the study guide that is highly useful in making them comfortable for preparing the exam. Learn about it and CCIE Security v6 lab workbook pdf are available online.
Exam Topics
1. Initial Setup
• Set up Enterprise and Industry
• Manage Roles, Visibility, and Security
• Manage Personalization and Internationalization
• Set up Organizations and Users
2. Customer Management
• Explain Customer Center and Customer Hub
• Enable Customer Data Management
• Manage Activities
3. Sales Campaigns and Lead Management
4. Configure Sales Leads
5. Set up Marketing
6. Execute Campaigns
7. Develop Tactical Campaigns
8. Describe the Leads Lifecycle
4. Opportunity Management
• Set up Products and Sales Catalogs
• Manage References and Competitors
• Configure Opportunity Management
• Describe Sales Methods
5. Forecasting
• Run Forecast Processes
• Set up Lookups, Profile Options, and Configuration Activities
• Describe Forecasting Options
6. Territory Management and Assignment Rule
• Set up Assignment Manager
• Manage Sales Territories
• Explain Configuration Activities
• Manage Synchronization and Schedulable Processes
• Describe Lookups, Profile Options, and Dimensions
7. Sales Performance
• Create and publish reports in Oracle Transactional Business Intelligence (OTBI)
• Set up Sales Predictor
• Schedule and Run Quota Processes
• Manage Quota Formulas and Plans
8. Data Import/Export
• Run Import/Export
• Map Import/Export
9. Define Extensions for Sales
• Use Scripting and Web Services
• Extend Custom Fields and Pages
• Describe the Tools used to extend and modify the application
10. Partner Relationship Management (PRM)
• Set up PRM
• Describe PRM
CCIE security is a subject of science and finds difficult as per terms and concepts. It is hard to understand and the concepts cannot be cleared in mind easily. Most of the students need help in studying chemistry especially guide line is required in exams. Among other difficult subjects, CCIE is something which is felt boring and hard as well. Candidates often seem less ready to study it eagerly. Majority of the students need help because they feel it quite difficult and beyond their imaginations. Even the teachers are not easily available as compare to other subjects. They should be expert of their field and use the methodology to develop interest and understanding of concepts. They need assistance for their solutions. In this way source which is used mostly is to get help from workbooks which provide instant solution. But it is not only the true step for it, more over it has two draw backs. Get more information and click over here now.

It provides solution, but no understandings.Students began to depend upon it and find the short cuts towards the solutions of problems.



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