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Things to consider before renting an apartment in Ahmedabad and Mumbai

Most tier-1 cities today are saturating because of increasing job opportunities fast. Ahmedabad is yet to be saturated. It is particularly simple to find flats for rent in Ahmedabad. It is more about selecting the correct one for you that is essential.

Renting a flat in a new city can be quite a challenge. From getting in touch with the real estate broker agency to cataloging the numerous rental options to finding the perfect flats for rent in Ahmedabad, the entire process can be overpowering. More frequently than not, the tenants usually ignore the most important details when choosing a flat. Following are some vital things to consider before renting a flat in Ahmedabad.

  • Before renting a flat in Ahmedabad, you should have the tenancy agreement. Once the landlord offers you the rental agreement, screen it methodically. Check every term and condition of the contract. The most significant terms you should read are the amount to be paid as the monthly rental amount, security deposit, duration of the lease, mode of payment, and the rate at which rent can be increased in the future.
  • When exploring the flat to be rented, ensure to check the flooring condition. The flooring should be hard-wearing, water-proof, and strong enough to deal with a heavyweight. Also, the floor should be easy-to-clean. There must not be any loose marble or tiles coming out. The damaged and cracked floor can be dangerous for pets or kids, so look for the same.
  • The kitchen and bathroom are the two significant rooms that should be checked when renting a flat in Ahmedabad. Check if the door and windows of the bathroom are constructed using water-proof and hard-wearing materials. Also, the door must have appropriate locks and bolts. Check the furnishings of the kitchen. See if they are working properly. Do not forget to check the water pressure in the taps and shower and ensure adequate water outlets.
  • When planning moving to an unknown city, security is the most significant factor you need to think about when renting a flat. While examining the potential flat, check all doors installed on the property and see if their locks are working effortlessly. You should check the quality of the locks to know if they are not made of a fragile material. Aside from locks, search for other security features. The building where you will rent the flat should be well equipped with round-the-clock working CCTVs and a watchman must be hired at the building gate.
  • It is important to check the storage capacity of the potential flat. This includes your wardrobe and also shelves and cabinets. The flat you will rent should have adequate storage space to help you organise all your belongings modestly and enjoyably.
  • Several rentals face the issue of loud noises coming from the neighbour’s houses because of thin walls. The sad truth is that flats built exclusively for renting purposes are not constructed using qualitative material. Hence, before choosing any flat for rent, check if the walls are broad enough to stop incoming and outgoing unnecessary noise.
  • Assess the area’s social infrastructure where you want to rent a flat. It is more suitable to live in an area equipped with competent social infrastructure, including hospitals, shopping complexes, gas stations, grocery stores, food outlets, green spaces, and many other facilities. You might prefer to live in a society offering adequate amenities, including a gym, swimming pool, pet areas, clubhouse, parking space, etc. thus, look for the same before signing the lease.

Looking for a flat to rent in Mumbai? Here are the points to consider

When looking for a flat in Mumbai for rent, remember that Mumbai’s real estate business works on a real estate agents system or brokers. These agents work area-wise and show you houses based on your budget and necessities. While they do all the hunting work for you, they also charge you a fee as a commission once you finalise the house via them. So, decide whether you wish to pay the broker or do the hunting yourself. If you wish to save on some brokerage, you can always look up social networking sites.

  • While maximum flats get picked up in a month or less when it comes to brokers and agents, a month before vacating out of your existing home is a good timeline to start hunting. If you are choosy or want to see numerous areas, they keep at least two months in hand. Remember, finding a house here can occur in a day or it can take months. Thus, find time and prepare yourself mentally, accordingly.
  • In Mumbai, you evaluate distance with time as a unit, instead of km or miles! The city traffic will find out how fast you will arrive at your place. In addition, the morning traffic shifts from suburbs to the south Worli, which is a key industrial space. Remember to pick the home’s location nearby to your work space. There is a high chance that your office would be located in BKC, Worli, Fort, Andheri, or Bandra. So, look for a living space accordingly.
  • Make sure that you examine the flat physically before you close on it. Several brokers show you videos, particularly if you are pressed for time. But go to the flat and check it at least once before you book it physically.

These are some of the things to consider when looking for a flat in Mumbai for rent. 



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